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Serge Is Not Scared Of His Baby Dying

Serge Bielanko, father of two with The Girl Who‘s Monica, is tired of the home birth scare army. After all, they are not at all worried about the entrance of their third child into the world:

The fact is, we aren’t really scared of anything.

Why not? She could die. Everyone could die. I could die. I’m not sure how, to be honest, but there’s got to be a way that I could perish during our home birth, right?

Oh well.

Serge then kicks off his reasons for the decision to do a home birth by stating:

…we have been through the hospital thing twice and although it was fine and dandy, we have never been the kind of people who want to do every single thing in our lives according to what everyone else up and down the road are doing.

He later goes on to explain that this is how women have had babies since mankind stumbled out of caves and started filling their mound houses with Ikea, thus attempting to justify his flippant lack of fear of what might happen with this birth.