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Serge Will Live Blog A Birth

Serge Bielanko, shampoo avoider, finally has some real content. Today, he and wife Monica will live blog the birth of little Band-Aid Bielanko for history:

The idea of trying to live blog an actual event, something as life-changing and personal and badass as bringing a baby boy into the world in the bedroom or the living room of our own house never actually occurred to me as something even remotely realistic, really.

Until it did.

Evidently the male half of the internet’s most oversharing couple wants us to believe that the idea of live blogging the arrival of their new blog content just “never actually occurred” to him. And if you believe that you’ll probably believe that I never think about Taco Bell during sex. I mean this is the couple that livetweeting their home burning down, so I highly doubt not documenting any possible pageview garnering event simply never entered their minds.

Anyway, it seems the birth may be getting underway with a lovely passive aggressive reference to his lost music career.

Almost 2 in the morning on Sunday. Used to be that 2 in the morning was an every night thing for me, but that seems long ago. These days, not much keeps me up this late.

Good luck to them. Let’s hope nobody dies, though Serge has already made it clear he doesn’t really care about that.