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Shay Will Laugh Over Your Casket

Shay Shull, of Mix and Match Mama, attended a visitation service for a young wife and mother who lost her battle to cancer. And she had a fantastic time!


Shay says they told jokes and “laughed right there standing over her” before heading off to a dinner during which she “laughed so hard”. She concludes by saying her friend “would have wanted this” and adding some heart emojis. She then posted a new picture inviting everyone to watch the service streaming live on Facebook.

  1. Sending love and good humps you're way


    • Snarls Snarkley

      ALL of the nope. My first thought upon seeing this was, “Y’all b****es for real?”

  2. Shericka: Travel Agents with Less Disney Experience Than the Travelers

    This still disgusts me.

  3. andrazzle

    This is actually a very flattering way to show this picture, as it covers up the mini skirts and pajama pants some of these women wore to a wake.

    • a snark is born

      I know, their outfits are ridiculous. The blonde in front (Erika) is wearing a mini dress and strappy heels, while Shay is wearing a mini dress with leopard print heels.

  4. Thumper

    I really hope that Manda’s children didn’t witness their cackling. I’m sure they don’t find the death of their mother to be a hilarious event.

  5. Sized up to XS

    Think you should take this down. Whether or not Shay was in the wrong for her wording or posting….I’d hate for a member of the deceased to know that a snark site is putting this on their front page. Shame on Shay for posting it, but shame on your for bringing all this attention to it. Maybe Shay might have realized how it sounded and taken it down. But here it is for everyone to see.

    • Snarknado

      200k people on her Instagram have already seen this. It’s not like GOMI found the pic hidden privately in Shay’s phone and then posted it here. Shay already made the choice to publicize it on a PUBLIC account.

    • artisanal twitter account

      So perhaps maybe if GOMI didn’t mention this stupid and crass as f**k post, perhaps maybe Shay might have taken it down? What are you even talking about?

    • Shericka: Travel Agents with Less Disney Experience Than the Travelers

      I’m intrigued by this argument that it’s wrong for GOMI to repost the photo, but it’s okay for Shay to keep it up on her IG viewed by hundred of thousands of people. Seriously?!?!

    • Snarls Snarkley

      IF Shay removes it from Instagram, perhaps Alice could consider removing it here. Shay will stubbornly double down on leaving it up, though, because she thinks she can do no wrong, and would NEVER publicly admit to actually being in the wrong. If Manda’s loved ones happen to find it here, at least they’ll know that many of us find Shay’s behavior disgusting.

    • no gurl

      The funeral was streamed on facebook, and you’re worried about exposure?

      I think you’re more “concerned” as you’re one of the cackling in the photo, and realize how unbelievably inappropriate you were at a viewing.

  6. You People

    Stay classy, McKinney.

  7. Dooce Bigelow

    My uncle’s immediately family threw a “fun” visitation for him as that is what he literally indicated he wanted. But nobody posed for happy, smiling photos. I get that we’re in a different age now and we all Instagram the shit outta all of the things but sometimes we should just know better. This wasn’t a family reunion, ffs.

    • D

      YES! I have 2 friends (sisters) whose father passed last year. Yes, their were some inappropriate jokes-from them! Yes, I laughed when they told them. Their eyes were still bloodshot and red from tears. The humor helped a little. But it wasn’t a fun, happy event. The day was still somber. And sure, some of the speeches about him were great and funny, because that’s who he was, but I didn’t leave ready to party! Ready to drink, sure, but not like these girls. Overall it was still a bummer, despite the inappropriate jokes and occasional laughter.

      I dunno, I guess what I’m saying is that I get the inappropriateness. It happens when shit get dark. It’s a legitimate coping mechanism. But the sharing it on social media with mini skirts and smiles like it’s Girls Night Out….yuck.

      • JaCrispy

        Exactly. I actually hope that most funerals can be this way, but literally describing laughing over her dead body is just…no. On all fronts. You say “tears and even some laughs were shared, and I know that’s what she would have wanted.” Honestly, what is wrong with people?? And how do you begin to think about uttering the words “ok everyone get together for a group photo!”

    • a degree in Nordstrom shopping

      And it wasn’t Girls Night Out Either. But one of the participants commented on the above IG that it was in fact, “the BEST.” Because you only want to go to the best wakes, of course.

      • Dooce Bigelow

        They literally look like they got the old sorority sisters back together for a fun night of cocktails.

        I have no idea why I made so many typos in my original post. Typing while finding things distasteful, I guess.

        • Seriously, they look like they’re one Long Island Iced Tea away from dancing in a circle around their purses, not showing RESPECT to the SURVIVORS of the DEAD WOMAN in question.



          I am just….so….over grown women trying to monetize their own arrested development.

  8. LaverneandHurling

    I know this is WAY beside the point, but nice denim jacket she’s wearing to a funeral (based off the IG advertising the live streaming of the service).

    • Amused and Amazed

      The photo of Shay Shull in the white denim jacket, used on Instagram to mention the live stream of the funeral service, is a photo of Shay with the young woman who died, not a photo from the service.

      Since she wore leopard stilettos and a mini to the viewing one can only guess what she thought was appropriate to wear to the service, she comes across as harsh and classless.

      • LaverneandHurling

        Ah, my mistake. I figured it was another smiling photo with a friend she got to have a few laughs with since this is all one big social occasion for her.

    • Barcelence


  9. Marcie

    I would normally agree with you, but a ton of my friends just lost a mutual friend to cancer, she was a young wife and mother too. From what I’ve heard, her memorial service was like this too. Her young daughter wanted everyone to wear party hats, and there was no casket. A few friends posted smiling pictures since it was the first time everyone was together for a long time. I actually thought this might be the same service but her name wasn’t Manda.

    • a degree in Nordstrom shopping

      Other than the deceased were both young mothers, that does not sound like an equatable situation to this one. Catching up with a long lost friend is much different than laughing over a casket.

    • dayman

      I get what you’re saying here- my mom has said ever since her own mom died that she does not want a somber funeral, she wants a party, she wants people telling funny stories about her, etc. So I don’t agree with the idea that a funeral always has to be somber. This is really different though, it’s so flippant. If anyone laughed over my mother’s casket I would end up getting arrested for battery. It reminds me of the Murphy Brown episode when Murphy and Frank imagine they’ve gone to their own funeral and everyone is like, they wouldn’t want us to be sad! So it turns into a giant party and they’re like, um. There’s a difference between celebrating a life and being a dick. Maybe the line is finer than it seems from over here but this really seems horrid to me.

  10. rockinsushiokaaay

    This is right up there with those morons who take selfies at the 9/11 memorial. Have some respect.

  11. MT_Nest

    Don’t forget about the “telling inappropriate jokes.”

  12. catattack

    Why does everything have to be a photo op?

    Who cares if you think you deserved a fun night out – think of the family. If I was grieving my spouse/sibling/parent and a gaggle of stiletto-clad ladies were laughing, selfie-ing and joking at the wake I would be sick.