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Something Navy Will Share Her Struggle To Get Pregnant

Arielle Charnas, the Melania Trump of blogging, is pregnant with her second child. Her road to a baby was a long, 8 week journey.

I decided in April that I wanted to have a baby and I made it my mission. I got pregnant in June…

She has now bravely shared her struggle to conceive.

Those two months between wanting a baby and making a baby were fraught with medical terrors and trying “everything” to get pregnant.

I went to my first doctor…she told me I’d have a difficult time getting pregnant because I had PCOS…She immediately put me on a medication…told me to stop drinking alcohol and coffee…I stopped eating certain kinds of foods, I stopped exercising, and listened to a million different peoples advice. None of it worked.

When literally days of this strict lifestyle didn’t lead her to a positive pregnancy test, she got a second opinion.

I went to a new doctor who…told me I didn’t have PCOS at all and that I was just irregular from coming off the pill. She told me to relax, get off the medication, drink wine, work out and live your life.

After a couple of weeks of relaxing Arielle found that she had succeeded at long last.

That’s when I got pregnant—and I got pregnant even without experiencing a period.

It’s so wonderful when bloggers get real and share their private trials and #strugz. It really makes them so much more relatable. I’m sure she’ll be receiving her In Loving Solidarity flower arrangement from all the TTC women of the world any day now.

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