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Stasia Had Her Surgery, Wants To Remind You To Donate To Stasia

Stasia, was getting weight loss surgery despite being unable to pay her rent, had her weight loss surgery.


Obviously the first real order of business was to rest, recover, call the dog sitter to check on her dogs, and begin preparing for the journey home. HAHA JK, it was time to get back to GFM begging.


Because why save up the money you’ll need during your recovery (from an elective surgery you chose to have while unemployed and broke) when you can just shake a virtual coffee can on facebook, amirite?

  1. World's Largest Grifter. She will be begging for money the next 30 years.

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    • Dame Helen Chichester

      EXCUSE YOU, she is getting ready to be thin and beautiful and successful and have the life she always dreamed about!!

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      • Purple21

        Yeah, and when that doesn't work, she can always fall back on her original career, Executive Grifter at GFM

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    • fluffyrider

      I don't follow her but if she's bigger than Eric Hites to takeover the worlds biggest grifter crown, then, yikes!

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  2. SnarkyCat

    She must be a democrat: always has her hand out and looking to someone else to take care of her responsibilities

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    • Alice


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      • A Leader in this community.

        Last night all I could think was how Winona gave us here at GOMI so many great GIFs. Thanks Winona you are the gift that keeps giving!

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        • maryboberry

          You mean the GIFs that keep on giving. Ba-dum-tish.

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    • JHo

      Pretty much (I know I'll get destroyed here but so be it).

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      • Um, that's not a Democrat thing. Everyone knows that's an *immigrant* thing. Yalls need to education urselves and get woke about #altfacts. Gawd.

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    • Midwest Liberal Commoner

      You do know the red states (in general) get more Federal money than they pay in, right? Also, higher food stamp and unemployment rates. Just saying.

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      • Right on Top of That Rose

        Don't startle the sheep with facts, darling. They fall to absolute pieces when faced with actual reality and don't know how to cope.

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    • Seaside Honey Fantasia

      Well, aren't you an asshole with a big helping of shitty, baseless, fact-less, stereotypes.

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  3. Coffee Toss Tramp B***h

    I'm no Doctor, but somehow I think this is going to be a very long recovery time, with as much bedrest as possible (unless there's something fun she wants to do, then it's to cheer herself up) so she can't *possibly* work you guys, she might pop a stitch.

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    • Sweetie Darling

      Yeah, you have to be super-careful of those "resolvable" stitches

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  4. nonono

    How is she not embarrassed to beg for money like this, and do people still donate to her? There are so many important causes to donate to, why would anyone choose to fund this woman's bullshit?

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  5. JIF

    I just can't with that. Did her parents teach her no shame? If my kids were on the internet reminding people that they were "still accepting donations", it had better be for UNICEF or something and not their own damn selves. Does she also know that she's not the first person to be unemployed? There's nothing special about her that warrants people opening their wallets because she wants a surgery that's not immediately necessary? I don't know much about this girl, but I did have WLS this past summer. I can't fathom anyone acting like this is something to feel bad for her over or to feel that it's at all an urgent matter that couldn't wait until she's able to pay for all or part of it with her own money.

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  6. sponsoredcontent

    Or you could donate to, you know, the ACLU.

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      whats ACLU?

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      • agatha fisty

        seriously? go have a seat with the two people above.

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      • mamaotters

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        • social justice performance artist

          Hey, guess what? Not everyone on the interwebz is from the US! Is it really that hard to imagine someone from another country might want a straight forward answer to a perfectly reasonable question?
          Unbelievable the rest of the world isn't divided up as Republican or Democrat.

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      • Vapid Trollop

        It's an abbreviation for "A Clue"; as in 'Get one'

        Please god let this be a pop-culture reference that I don't get, to a fictional idiot, and not comment from a genuine real idiot

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    • Yes, but Sleevena Gomez has been enslaved by Stasia's gluttony for years. Where were all the marchers when Sleevena's civil rights were being violated?!?!!? Huh? Won't someone please think of poor Sleevena?

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      • GoodbyeHello

        A certain grifting someone will set up a GFM for Sleevena, don't you worry!

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  7. Slobina Gobegz

    This girl is the poster child for every reason you should get your shit together mentally before you go through a major surgery. I've only followed her for less than a year, and in that time, she had ADHD, she did that TSFL diet, she's constantly begging, constantly lying. I'm not rooting for her to fail, but really? It's inevitable.

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    • Catty O'Hooligan

      So, I had gastric bypass surgery when I was 22, and the lead-up to it was pretty intense. Based on her description of the wounds, it sounds like she had the same procedure that I did. There's at least a six-month waiting period to get the surgery, and it involves a barrage of appointments with psychiatrists and counselors. Plus, you have to prove you're committed to aftercare AND lose a set amount of weight before having the surgery (I think mine was like 20 pounds). So yeah, she didn' this right....

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  8. Nothing here

    God damnit! I must blame someone for my inability to grift, beg for donations, have a go fund me account, blog all day including updates about my elective surgery and referencing my need for donations while I recuperate from my bed. Nothing is off limits anymore, apparently.

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    • Per her Facebook, she's down at the buffet and there is a casino! I wish I was lying.

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      • Alice

        wtf did she have her surgery on a riverboat?

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        • i love chili dogs

          Cleaned a lot of plates in Mexico
          Pimped myself for fame in Yuma, A-Z
          But I never saw the good side of the city
          Until I hitched a ride on a river boat queen

          Tiny tummy keep on turnin'
          Proud Stasia keep on burnin'
          Rollin', rollin', rollin' in Tijuana

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        • Downward spiral into holiday obesity

          This comment is bringing me indescribable joy.

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      • i love chili dogs

        The buffet. THE. BUFFET.

        I hope she invited her newly acquired husband and their 2.5 adorable kids!

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      • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

        Hang on. Buffet?????

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  9. fluffyrider

    Where do all these lazy yet self promoting narcissistic grifters come from? Good lord until I found GOMIblog checking out the 600 pound grifter fat guy across America I had no idea blogs and Instagram were saturated with these people. How many pictures naked 500 pound people before and after losing some weight do they think we need to see?

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  10. Sweetie Darling

    It's petty but I'm so glad that no one has donated to her GFM in a month (as per my checking 2 minutes ago). I think people have finally caught on.

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    • Sweetie Darling

      Still no new donations on the GFM but I bet she'll post something soon and play it off as if people are PayPal'ing $$$ directly to her.

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  11. Purple21

    Wouldn't it be poetic justice if Sleevana turned out to have a strong work ethic and a passion for privacy?!

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