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Stasia Is Getting Her Surgery

You may remember Stasia, fat gal who never got on a bike. She had her second GoFundMe ostensibly for weight loss surgery, but it seems the majority of the funds raised actually went to pay her rent and bills and finance her nights out with “friends”.

Well, good news – despite claiming she was being evicted this side of 6 weeks ago she is somehow magically now able to afford this surgery.


She makes it sound likes she’s been busting fupa for years and this is her only option.

I have given it a go for 2 years now, and though I have lost quite a bit, I haven’t lost enough and I know I need this extra tool.

She then launches into what looks suspiciously like a partnership/sponsor spiel.

I will be using Dr. [redacted], in Tijuana MX. I was contacted by [redacted] and will be sharing my experience with you guys about going through them with the whole process. I’m looking forward to sharing all of the ups and downs and hopefully giving some insight about the experience of medical tourism, and take away a lot of the fear. People are really scared of the unknown. But I have heard, first hand, and read, nothing but great things about [redacted] and their entire process. I can’t wait to start this new chapter. 2017 is going to be a year to remember!! If you’d like more information, contact [redacted] of [redacted]

When some of her followers naturally assumed this meant she would be getting a free surgery, and wanting to know wtf happened to the GFM that is still earmarked as ‘medical’, Stasia did her usual defensive rhino charge.

why would I give any money back? When the money was raised and used for the surgery??…read my above comment. And it’s not for free.

And of course her fangirls were quick to add helpful comments like “Even if the surgery was free, there is still travel and recovery time! People just jealous!”

If she is not getting a comped surgery she might want to break down precisely how she is suddenly financing this  operation. Because anyone with simple math skills can figure out, based on her own words of how she spent the fundraiser money on rent and bills and makeup, that the GFM money is long gone and probably not going towards this surgery. At the very least she could stop yelling at people and just delete and block if she doesn’t want to deal with it. Whining about haters and having social media slapfights isn’t a good look for a “celebrity”, Stasia!

  1. Tanya O

    I just can't with this slimy b***h.

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    • Farting Absolutely

      And that slimy ass tongue she insists on showing us all. Hurk.

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  2. sassy23

    If I was actually stupid enough to contribute to her GFM, I would be pissed!!

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  3. trashbreakfast

    It's really hard to see the haterz comments when she keeps deleting them all.

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  4. Purple21

    I suspect that this doctor might eventually regret choosing Stasia as his spokesmodel, just as those poor followers regret donating to her GFM.

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  5. pollita2312

    busting fupa...LOL! Thanks for the laugh.

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  6. botox barbie

    Surgery in Mexico? That just doesn't sound like a good idea.

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    • Mazel Tov Cocktail

      No, no. It's fine. You get in a car with a total stranger at the San Diego airport who then drives you over the border to the surgery center in Tijuana. How is that not a good idea? It's the best idea ever!

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      • Purple21

        Getting life-saving surgery in a reputable hospital in your own country with family and friends within reach is scary enough, I can't even contemplate getting Dr Nick Riviera to do elective surgery for free.

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        • concrete bunny bread

          she's gonna end up on Botched for certain.

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          • Purple21

            And another GFM to fix the damage for her surgery

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  7. GoodbyeHello

    She's almost reached pro-level grifting status!!!

    Will she actually go through with this surgery? Or will some other "crisis" come up, like another eviction, sister needs her, moving to PNW, or that she must attend the next Eewnique Cruise or convention?

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    • hole in the wall

      She is already announced that #homeisweretheheartis and is planning on moving back to PNW. And yes, she is using GFM cash for it.

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  8. New Colorways!

    Especially by Dr. Redacted.

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  9. Klarastan

    I'm an RN and I've seen the results of many weight loss (and other) surgeries done on US patients in Mexico. Patients are discharged too soon with insufficient healing of the incision, they don't understand the signs and symptoms of infection or maybe were not given sufficient instruction...and to that the fact that lots of excess skin and flesh strains incisions and dehiscence is a huge risk if you don't understand your movement restrictions. I hope this ends well for her with no complications, but this is a terrible idea.

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  10. SnarkyCat

    What happened to the other doctor she was all fired up about?? Dr A?? Maybe he was like nah after he got a little taste of the crazy?

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  11. Near Naked Nether Region

    I hate people

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  12. Sweetie Darling

    I had lap-band surgery in Monterey, MX in 2009 and it was the best decision I made for myself...AFTER A TON OF RESEARCH, isiting that clinic"s message boards, talking to a patient liaison & more.. I also made sure to find a who.would do my follow-up appointments and fills. A lot of bariatric doctors will not treat patients who had surgery outside the US for liability reasons. Seriously my personal experience was great.and 6 months later went as moral support for a friend. (Also, key word is "tool" - I didn"t expect the surgery to be a magic fix, but *finally* hitting in 2010 and now still maintaining my goal weight feels good.)

    On the other hand my mother had gastric in Tiajuana almost 2 years ago, and it was basically the chop shop scenario. She now weighs under 100 and throws up at least 1x each meal.

    Tl;Dr - there are some reputable doctors in Mexico *but* Tiajuana doesn"t have a great track record IMO.

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    • Klarastan

      This. So so much. And many patients are too embarrassed, once the signs of infection start, to see their regular doctor. They wait until the pus is green and they're on the edge of sepsis to seek medical attention.

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      • Sweetie Darling

        Holy cow. I was not drunk when I typed my comment. Stupid phone, stupid fingers, not wearing my contacts = punctuation trainwreck.

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  13. ImNotLikeARegularMomImACoolMom

    What an excellent location for surgery! Tijuana is known for its high standards'!!!

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