Stasia Reveals: “I’m A Victim Of Domestic Violence”

Stasia Bowen, best Uber driver ever, has taken to instagram to share “one of the worst secrets I’ve ever kept”, a secret she’s been hiding “for several months”.

After having her grifted surgery Stasia announced she would be needing more money to move closer to her family. She then announced various burglaries resulting in further financial setbacks. Now, after breaking up with the 5 months long boyfriend she claims “pays all the bills”, she has posted a public accusation of drunken physical abuse.

…Reliving the details isn’t what is important. What IS important is that I’ve learned so much from this horrible experience…it’s easy to stay. What isn’t easy is having your career affected because you have to miss work to hide the marks…It isn’t easy to leave because he pays all the bills… But through all of this, I learned to respect myself.

She goes on to say “I’m almost a little glad this all happened…I now can empathize, first hand, with those who have suffered or are suffering” because if she “can help others in any way because of it… it is worth experiencing”. She concluded by urging women to “GET OUT…Being single, alone, even homeless, is better than being abused.”

Yes folks, not since Forever Amber has a woman’s life been so full of ups, downs, poverty, riches, true love, and abusive men. And lest anyone who doesn’t follow her misses her powerful story of surviving an Attack of the 5’3″ Man, she made sure to post it to Nicole Kidman’s acceptance speech.

Because why report it to the police when you can use it for self-promotion? Is there anything left that can happen to Not Stacey that will finally make people donate to her life?

  1. Mazel Tov Cocktail

    A light. Now she’s a light. The thirst is incandescent.

  2. RESPECT the Stay at Home Purse Mom

    She mentioned on her Facebook she had just realized her full bottle of Adderal was stolen with her $500. Both of which she rarely does. She doesn’t know how she’s going to pack between now and October. Remember she drives a Honda Fit. Ffs, I could pack that to the brim in one hour flat.
    What is she going to do with the mountains of clothes she has piled in the apartment?
    I mean she’s got the rather large IMac, dogs, a cooler full of food -she said she wanted to avoid fast foods, her makeup bags…. how is it all going to fi?

    • She also claims in that post that she just kicked him out that morning, basically a couple of hours before the post. So obviously rather than call the police and make a report and take steps to ensure Mr. Comes Home Drunk At Night can’t come back and harm her, she gets on instagram and starts astroturfing everyone’s comment sections with her ‘story’ before heading to the apartment complex pool…with a pitcher of margaritas…in the dark. But please let this strong woman who has learned so much guide you as you attempt to navigate your way out of DV. She’s almost glad it happened!

      • Avenging Animal

        Yes, I too am almost glad it happened…er, I mean, I’m glad it almost happened…er…what happened exactly?

  3. Lying, Lazy BB Coaches with Accessory Kids

    Her “career” was affected. That’s some revisionist history right there!

  4. LifeHappens

    It seems very odd to me that she broke up with him a month or so ago but continued to let him live with her until this morning. If she was afraid for her safety then I can understand continuing to live with him while she quietly plans her escape; but breaking up with him gives him a heads up that something is up and I would think that would piss him off big time. So it doesn’t add up to me, break up with him and kick him out, change the locks, file a police report and get a restraining order. But continue to live with your abuser after you’ve broken up with him?? Doesn’t sound like she was too afraid there.

    I completely understand that women stay with abusers for many reasons, hoping they will change is a major one — but part of staying means the woman is always on eggshells, scared and does anything she can not to make her abuser mad — but breaking up with him and continuing to live with him? That is the part that really screams BS to me.

    She was also living in her own apartment, couldn’t she lock him out when he went out drinking and not let him back until he was sober (when she says he was so wonderful)? Personally, I wouldn’t let him back at all, but at the very least it wouldn’t have been too tough to lock him out for the week-end. If he made a big scene she could call the cops and the lease is in her name so they’d make him leave.

    It is really hard for someone that is being abused to tell anyone, I understand that, but I just don’t see where she was trapped with him. The lease was hers. They have no children. She has a car and had a job. He may have been a total jerk when he was drunk, but I don’t buy that she was being so physically abused that she couldn’t get away from him due to fear. She even made a video where he came home drunk and she was all flirty and I love you with him. That was not a women who was terrified of a drunken rage when she got off FB Live.

    This woman has so many major problems, her life will never be calm and normal.

  5. Mooseliketexture

    This is horrifying. Good for her for realizing the situation is dangerous and she needs out but waiting and telling your abuser that you wont stand for it anymore is how people get killed. First of all, she needs therapy and should not try to dole out advice until she has healed from the mind f**k that is DV. Call the police, get a restraining order and cut off all contact. DV is not a game and I DON’T KNOW A SINGLE PERSON THAT IS GLAD ANY FORM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HAPPENED TO THEM.

    I’m going through a nasty divorce where my husband was violent and an alcoholic and I’ve just recently started to lose the shameful feelings I always had and am able to think clearly because of therapy. I can talk about it and what she’s writing about doesn’t exude the fear that goes along with having a violent spouse. I hate to generalize, but when I decided I just couldn’t do it I walked (ran) out with my kids, car keys and dog. Do not wait to pack your shit to move out, if your life is in danger you leave because you never know what your abuser is capable of.

    This triggered me in a big way, I’m sorry to have generalized DV but all forms are dangerous and the only way to heal is to leave.

    • birthing like a pilgrim

      I’m so sorry you went through that, and that you’re currently dealing with a caustic divorce. Wishing you all the best.

      I hope Stasia gets help. And real help, not Instagram help. I really don’t know anything about her, but she needs to take the threat seriously and do what she can to protect herself. Platitudes on social media aren’t going to help her or keep her safe.

      (I’m not trying to victim-blame in any way. Her message is super strange, but everyone deals with trauma differently).

  6. KipDynamite

    I already shared my thoughts on this nonsense in her thread. But, I can’t believe that she called her part-time babysitting job a CAREER. LMAO. f**k off, Stasia.

    I don’t wish abuse on anyone, so I’m not sure how to word this… but, I guess, I hope she’s telling the truth. Because if she’s not, she could be ruining another person’s entire life. She is such a selfish pig, that I can actually see her doing that. I mean, Os wasn’t exactly going to be our next President, but DV accusations aren’t something that an innocent person should have to carry around their entire life.

  7. GucciBeforeCoochie

    Stasia is like the boy who cried wolf. I want to hope that she wouldn’t make something like this up for attention but she has before and this would be the next step in her lies… and I HATE that I think like that but I can not help it. She is a scam artist.

  8. Purple21

    I’m going to skip the DV topic, because I don’t know and I don’t want to speculate. But that still leaves me free to laugh at her last sentence in her little speech on Nicole’s IG… “Someone tagged me in this..”
    Surely if one of her thousands of followers was so moved by the light she’s shining, she could have said “Thanks @ for tagging me on this.”
    If “someone” tags you on a post, they are not modestly expecting anonymity – unless they are one of those non-existent someones who like to keep bloggers informed.

  9. 400 lb hole of suck

    How long until the poor abused stasis has a go fund me or a cleverly appointed paypal link-just in case you wanted to help.

  10. Zosew

    … you know what? People like this are the worst. DV is one of those topics that is heartbreaking. Women in my family have dealt with it. Friends have dealt with it. It’s so horrible for everyone involved.
    And then pieces of human garbage like this chick come along and exploit it, making it THAT much harder for real instances to be taken seriously and to take themselves seriously.