Stasia Reveals: “I’m A Victim Of Domestic Violence”

Stasia Bowen, best Uber driver ever, has taken to instagram to share “one of the worst secrets I’ve ever kept”, a secret she’s been hiding “for several months”.

After having her grifted surgery Stasia announced she would be needing more money to move closer to her family. She then announced various burglaries resulting in further financial setbacks. Now, after breaking up with the 5 months long boyfriend she claims “pays all the bills”, she has posted a public accusation of drunken physical abuse.

…Reliving the details isn’t what is important. What IS important is that I’ve learned so much from this horrible experience…it’s easy to stay. What isn’t easy is having your career affected because you have to miss work to hide the marks…It isn’t easy to leave because he pays all the bills… But through all of this, I learned to respect myself.

She goes on to say “I’m almost a little glad this all happened…I now can empathize, first hand, with those who have suffered or are suffering” because if she “can help others in any way because of it… it is worth experiencing”. She concluded by urging women to “GET OUT…Being single, alone, even homeless, is better than being abused.”

Yes folks, not since Forever Amber has a woman’s life been so full of ups, downs, poverty, riches, true love, and abusive men. And lest anyone who doesn’t follow her misses her powerful story of surviving an Attack of the 5’3″ Man, she made sure to post it to Nicole Kidman’s acceptance speech.

Because why report it to the police when you can use it for self-promotion? Is there anything left that can happen to Not Stacey that will finally make people donate to her life?