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Stasia Will Crash Her Car While Eating

Stasia, now rebranded as 500tofreedom, has experienced yet another griftable opportunity, er, tragedy.

How did this happen, you didn’t ask? Well, Stasia explains that she was rooting around in her car for food when…

I had taken my own healthy lunch snacks and looked over to reach my hand in the bag and …[explosion emoji]

She goes on to say “thank GOD I wasn’t on my phone, and thank god it wasn’t worse” though why being on her phone is worse than being elbow deep in her feedbag I’ll never know. She “also wasn’t wearing my seatbelt”.

So basically Stasia totalled her car while not wearing a seatbelt because she couldn’t survive what she admits “wasn’t a long drive” without putting food in her face. Sounds like that weight loss surgery will totally be a lasting solution for her.

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