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Stasia Will Embrace New Spirit Of Financial Maturity Thanks To Fundraiser

Stasia2point0, oops she spent it again, is making good use of her latest round of GoFundMe revenue. First she paid her presumably overdue rent. She got herself more lipstick. Then, after a post saying she “had a pretty rough week”, she posted about going out with yet another newly acquired pack of rando “friends”.


In case you want to send her more money to help her get surgery/pay bills/whatever the GFM is for today, she is now helpfully including the domain she just purchased which is pointed at her GFM page. Dig deep, internet fam! Her soul needs this!

  1. In Omnia Paratus

    I just broke my face with the level of side-eye I just gave this bish.

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  2. Bolivian Army Wedding Singer

    Ok, friends of Stasher, I mean, Stasia (in the UK, they have the same pronunciation) go pat yourselves in the head for the job well done. Good job. Now, Stasia has paid the alleged rent and got some new lipsticks (free from Younique but PAID $25 for shipping--yep, priorities!). Maybe you can extend and strengthen your friendship by letting her stay in your house and give her monthly allowance so she doesn't have to get evicted and go begging on the internet.

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  3. Whatever

    OMG you guys that's like $270 worth of therefore if it's a deal then she totes should get it. Don't you guys know how money works? Gosh.

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  4. LifeHappens

    That is her favorite picture of the night? Is she in an office or school? It doesn't look like a restaurant or bar.

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    • It looks like some classroom to me?? I have no idea.

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      • Someone made the comment "must have been on a reservation" and Stasia said "it could have been". Not only is she an obese grifter, and liar, she's also dumb as a box of rocks. FFS you don't know you are on a reservation?

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  5. Roadkill on Batshit Lane

    So when rent is due again in 13 days, she has that covered, I guess? Oh wait, bought lipstick.

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    • Whatever

      But it's for her "business.". If any of those donors really wanted to help her why didn't she ask for people to buy her schill instead of them just handing her cash? I think her friend who setup the GFM did her a real disservice. She had the potential to earn money from Younique and she didn't why? Then what makes her think that her "investment" will pay the bills this time?

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      • oh, you

        "Her friend" needs to be in the world's biggest air quotes, as I don't believe for a single second that she wasn't behind this scam 100%. Once a grifter, always a grifter.

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  6. mamaotters

    Everything about this infuriates me, there are people losing their homes, starving, but please give money to this 400lb woman so she can binge until she gets surgery that she'll eat her way out of, then she can have another gofundme to support it. I'd have way more respect for her if she actually sold her laptop, got a real job, then didn't post about it until after it was all said and done instead of Internet begging.

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    • mamaotters

      I accidently nope-D myself

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    • size4yall

      She claims she can't get a real job because it hurts her knees to be up on her feet all day.

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      • HomeGoods Target HomeGoods Target HomeGoods

        I have a real job. I sit down for most of it. In fact, I have to actively remind myself to get up once an hour so I can stretch and, you know, not basically melt into my desk chair. What a ridiculous excuse. Sure, maybe working a cash register during Black Friday isn't physically possible. But that only leaves, like, 9,843 other job options.

        Ugh. The excuses some people use.

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        • Jan74

          She claims to be fit enough to exercise, but is not fit enough to work in a call center?

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          • HER STORY IS REAL

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  7. sassy23

    I'm not sure a stranger on the internet could infuriate me more than her! And all the idiots that give her money! UGH!!! I just do not understand why anyone would give her money. She is not an INSPIRATION!

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  8. Right on Top of That Rose

    "You have to want it, then believe it, then work hard to achieve it." -Stasia2Point0

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  9. KipDynamite

    She and her followers refuse to understand why this GFM is such a disgusting failure of a move. "So what if children are dying of cancer, GFM isn't restricted to just cancer patients!"

    I wonder how many of them would feel the same way if they had or knew a child with cancer.

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  10. Cocoa

    Why not just get a Patreon?

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  11. sittymccoucherson

    No, Stasia. You didn't save $ spent $25. Of other people's money. Lazy grifter.

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  12. fungez

    It's the enablers who are the problem. The best thing would have been for Stasia to spend a few nights in her car and eat at a few soup kitchens. It would have been painful but she would have come out of it much stronger and functional.

    But those enablers robbed her of that experience so they can pat themselves on the backs and tell themselves how compassionate they are.

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  13. Jeremy's voting for president

    Who spends $25 on shipping for lipstick?

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    • muffintopper

      someone who is too stupid to realize that's how much the lipsticks actually cost and she didn't get a deal or save money.

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      • Orangey

        Also, lipstick isn't exactly insulin. If you're too poor to afford electricity, you could, I don't know, GO WITHOUT LIPSTICK.

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