Stasia Will Use Uber Passengers For Instagram Material

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Stasia, the garlic scented grifter, finally got herself a job. She’s driving for Uber and the job comes with a perk – being able to use her passengers as social media content. She has posted a photo of one of her passengers who appears to be passed out near the backseat along with a caption detailing his behavior with her new hashtag “#stasiasuberstories’.

Gorgeous guy with the worlds most perfect teeth and dazzling smile, who gave me a $20 tip and a kiss on the cheek after hearing about my adventure filled, ER included, barftastic night of Ubering. – Priceless… Dudes get in, one falls out to barf, gets back in and barfs out the side, then falls into it, continuing to puke on himself. 20 minutes later we finally get him inside. Then once we are all in, he’s barfing out the window and the dude behind me starts barfing too! This is why they invented barf bags!! NEVER start driving uber without them!! Dude in front keeps his head out the whole time, I’m rubbing his back. People are taking videos as we drive and he’s sobbing tears and has barf and snot hanging from him like a St. Bernard in front of a T-bone steak. Sweet baby jeebus. What an adventure.

She continues, saying it’s totally fine for her to post pictures of her customers in this condition.

*this pic was as they were trying to get him back in the car after he fell out while puking. He’s laying in his barf. No faces are shown so it’s fine to show. This was before he started sobbing like he just lost his favorite puppy.

She then sneers that “These are the men that protect our country”, which I suppose makes them inferior to the  fleshmountain who spends her days on her ass making duckfaces into her phone.

  1. Farting Absolutely

    Dying at fleshmountain.

  2. Pineapple Head

    This beast.
    Imagine the desperation hashtag episode that would happen if someone took a pic of her doing the 78954226 disgusting things she does and shamed the shit out of her?

    Yuma would become a food delivery desert because they’d be in call to her hoarded pig sty as she binged and ugly cried naked on fb about the bullies. #sendmoney #bulliesmademebinge #surgerywillfixmyvastbeverendingpitofissues #bossbabe

  3. Dr. Mindy Lahiri

    I’m going to need some help with context here. Were they puking from alcohol or from being in close proximity to her?

  4. arcmemory

    putting “fleshmountain” into my insult arsenal.. hilarious

  5. hole in the wall

    What is more shameful – marine getting too drunk or lazy asshole buckling and getting an uber job after realizing that her GFM had dried up due to her using the money for nights out in bar/classrooms and ugly as f**k makeup. Shut the f**k up, Stasia. Don’t blame the haterrrzzz when Uber fires you for posting clients online.

    • Kinfolk Up The Place

      Hmmm…if I had to choose between being a US Marine who drank too much while I was off-duty and being a person who is known for repeatedly publicly begging, grifting, and lying? I‘d prefer not to be the lying beggar

      • i love chili dogs

        Bonus points if the Marine happens to weigh less than 400 pounds!

  6. Snakeophelia

    I thought Uber drivers got a $100/$250 Cleaning Charge if they reported someone vomited or bled or otherwise messed up their car. She doesn’t list that in her opening list of costs – is she too dumb to realize that? Then again, I don’t see any actual vomit in that photo, so maybe this is her “evidence” for when these riders who were drunk, but perhaps not actually sick, see that charge show up on their credit card statement.

    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      They do. At least they do in the US; I don’t know why it would be different elsewhere.

    • La

      $250 clean up charge for vomit,

      • Direwolf is my Spirit Animal

        Actually it’s a maximum of $150. Uber doesn’t always give you the full amount, sometimes $50-$80. The real pain is the lost wages because of a night ended due to puke getting into your car. Since you are an independent contractor, you are out a night of so of money while it gets cleaned of the bio-hazard waste.

  7. a teenage girl who drives through the neighborhood screaming ball sack! out an open window

    f**k her for posting that. Where does she get off thinking that she’s better than anyone?

    Also, did she think she was never going to have to deal with any drunk people as an Uber driver? What did she think it was going to be like?! Shocking, drunk people need a ride home and sometimes they puke!


    Seriously, f**k her.

    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      If you don’t want to pick up drunk people from the bar, clock out at 11 pm. You decide your own hours with Uber. I’m not sure if you can decline to take someone once you have arrived and deemed them too drunk to ride in your car; but you can just not work at bar close.

      • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

        It’s a good paying shift, no doubt about that. So if you’re too lazy to work a full work week, you can make triple time on the vomiting dickhead circuit.

      • Direwolf is my Spirit Animal

        The two people that have puked in my car both happened around 10 pm so it can really happen at any time. Another driver had someone puke in his car at 9 am on a Sunday so you never really know.

  8. JuliasTooSmallTutu

    I’m sure if the guy in the picture got wind of this and reported her to Uber, she would be an ex Uber driver. Don’t drivers sign a contract that forbids them from posting passenger pictures to social media?

  9. Severus Snark

    I’m sure those Marines would be THRILLED that you lolled about their shitty f**king night and posted public pictures of people in need of the emergency room.

    Also can we discuss how NOT OKAY it is to get a f**king post-vomit cheek kiss from a stranger who’s just laid in his own sick? In what world does that make up for a hork-filled car and an awful IG?

  10. domino sugar

    Wow, I haven’t seen a faux-Mastercard ad in nearly ten years. Super relevant, lady.

  11. No Say

    Looks like the picture is gone from her Instagram

  12. That's A LOT of negatives

    and POOF, both facebook and Instagram posts are gone.

  13. Maybe she woke up from her fast food fueled coma and realized that post was NOT OK.. Lol. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when she read all the comments and realized once again what a complete f**k up at life she is.

    • KipDynamite

      Nah. She woke up anfrom saw that she could get in trouble. So. at she’s deleted the posts it’s all going to be ok! Oh wait… probably not. And when she loses this job it’ll be time to wage yet another war against “haters”.

      • KipDynamite

        And***, so now that***

        (Down with autocorrect!)