Stasia Will Use Uber Passengers For Instagram Material

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Stasia, the garlic scented grifter, finally got herself a job. She’s driving for Uber and the job comes with a perk – being able to use her passengers as social media content. She has posted a photo of one of her passengers who appears to be passed out near the backseat along with a caption detailing his behavior with her new hashtag “#stasiasuberstories’.

Gorgeous guy with the worlds most perfect teeth and dazzling smile, who gave me a $20 tip and a kiss on the cheek after hearing about my adventure filled, ER included, barftastic night of Ubering. – Priceless… Dudes get in, one falls out to barf, gets back in and barfs out the side, then falls into it, continuing to puke on himself. 20 minutes later we finally get him inside. Then once we are all in, he’s barfing out the window and the dude behind me starts barfing too! This is why they invented barf bags!! NEVER start driving uber without them!! Dude in front keeps his head out the whole time, I’m rubbing his back. People are taking videos as we drive and he’s sobbing tears and has barf and snot hanging from him like a St. Bernard in front of a T-bone steak. Sweet baby jeebus. What an adventure.

She continues, saying it’s totally fine for her to post pictures of her customers in this condition.

*this pic was as they were trying to get him back in the car after he fell out while puking. He’s laying in his barf. No faces are shown so it’s fine to show. This was before he started sobbing like he just lost his favorite puppy.

She then sneers that “These are the men that protect our country”, which I suppose makes them inferior to the  fleshmountain who spends her days on her ass making duckfaces into her phone.