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Stasia2point0 Has A New GoFundMe

Stasia Bowen, lost 100 lbs one time and has been coasting on that success for two years, has a long history of begging on the internet. Well she’s apparently broke again and back to holding a fire sale and GoFundMe. In a gram post she writes a novel length caption attempting to explain why she needs your money.

…today I was presented with an eviction notice…Last week I went three days without electricity…My cell service also is currently off. I’ve postponed my VSG surgery as well, which is devastatingly heartbreaking…Anyway, I am selling anything possible. And this is something that will hopefully get me enough money to pay everything I need to…I will be okay though!!! I want you all to know that. I always make life work.

She has spent the past few months flying first class to Younique conferences and buying Macbooks to “prove haters wrong” and just generally acting like a big baller #girlboss, so many people are baffled as to how she is suddenly being evicted and having utilities shut off. Thankfully a “friend” of hers has – of course – started a GoFundMe, to which Stasia added yet another statement that is so long and detailed it makes The Gulag Archipelago seem like a take out flyer. Saying she has “never been good at managing money” Stasia goes on to sell herself as a deserving recipient of donations.

I have never had a savings account, my bills are often late, I have always lived paycheck to paycheck. I have had utilities and phones shut off COUNTLESS times over the years. So in the last year, while I really finally was making good money… I spent it! I felt like my business would always be amazing and never imagined it would take a gigantic dive like it did. I didnt save it. I joyously spent it. Like MANY people would do.

Really makes you want to dig out those credit cards, eh? But it’s ok because she promises she is “looking for jobs”. Pony up, internets!

  1. whoayikes


    • KipDynamite


      I swear this popped up in my head about… 50 times while watching her latest Cry-a-Thon. She claims to have been horrible with money since she was a kid, yet it’s her bipolar 2 that makes so bad with it. She claimed all of these months that she was a #girlboss and did everything on her own, but now she confesses that she was gifted a huge trip, tickets, couldn’t afford an expensive computer and bought it anyway, etc. She claims that she’s aware of ethical vs unethical people on the world… YET SHE IS COMPLETELY UNAWARE OF HOW UNETHICAL SHE IS.

      Arhxhdhsjdbfjd. She’s a horrible person and anyone falling for her crying is an idiot. There are people with ACTUAL problems in the world who need help. Screw privileged buttholes like Stasia.

      • I'm bipolar so it's ok

        My mom who in the last 3 years was in a horrendous car wreck (hit head-on by an opiate addict and not fairly compensated) and diagnosed with cancer and is up to her eyeballs in debt doesn’t even have or want a go fund me page. Screw this fool is right!

  2. Hyujhgggjjj

    Shouldn’t her previous experiences with money make her want to put some money away so it never happened again? How embarrassing to need her followers to bail her out because she spent her money so recklessly. I don’t think this was the intended purpose of go fund me. Awful.

    • SweetCheeks

      She’s not only blowing “her” money on stupid shit, she’s wasting other people’s money as well–and that’s by her own admission! I really don’t comprehend how gullible these people who are donating can be–she’s telling you POINT BLANK that she doesn’t know how to manage money and yet they willingly enable her to keep doing the same stupid shit!

      Somebody explain this to me, please?!


  3. kittyhamcat

    Legit question… how do you get evicted after signing a lease one week prior?

    • Heather Chandler

      Exactly. From a legal ham, that makes jack shit sense. Either she didn’t resign the lease, or she isn’t being evicted. One or the other is a lie.

      • KipDynamite

        Her explanation was hilarious.

        So, according to her… she always pays her rent on the 8th or the 15th. Because she’s late she has to sign a “promise to pay” and when she does everyone is happy. However, since she knew she couldn’t pay this time, she didn’t sign the doc, and then… was still surprised to find an eviction notice! Smh.

  4. luna123

    So far, $745 raised of her $10k goal… Amazing. People just throw money away nowadays, don’t they?

    • Stacey McGill's Diabeetus

      She’s asking for 10k!? I don’t know what rent is where she lives (I live somewhere very cheap but I’m using my Other Places Common Sense in calculations), but her cell bill no matter how horrifying can’t be more than $500 (in an extreme case), and really I can’t see more than 2k being necessary everything included – but I’ll do the mental gymnastics needed to accept, like, $5,000. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!?

      • KipDynamite

        That’s because they’re asking for people to cover her surgery in Mexico. That’s how the whole GFM got started… you cover her surgery expenses. Then they threw in this whole BS about helping with rent and whatnot.

  5. Heather Chandler

    This is really disgusting. Grow the f**k up, woman.

  6. High Maintenance

    One of her fangirls suggests that Stasia earn money working for Merry Maids. Have they seen the shithole that is her filthy apartment?

    • Mazel Tov Cocktail

      In two weeks, those people will start a GFM because they joyously spent their money to save Stasia’s Mac Book Pro. It’s
      the circle of grift.

      • Heather Chandler

        Seriously. My dog had some problems last month that wiped my meager savings, and I was running short for rent the following month. I sucked it the f**k up, forsaking all my education, and went back to my brand rep days and played a goddamned mascot in the hot sun for six hours a day on Saturday and Sunday. Boom. $350.

        THAT’s “doing what you have to do” to make it work, not grifting off of and taking advantage of people on the internet.

        • phone

          I’ve been work 2 big jobs and sacrifice my beloved privacy by renting a room in someone else’s house because I know I need to put as much money in savings as I can (especially important because I’m going to live a long time and social security will not.) Divorced with no kids, I’m glad I have the luxury of needing to care only for myself.

          I love you for this post. When you need, you do what I takes.

          • phone

            Replying to my own post o add: and I am currently a web/graphic designer who is still working toward cataract surgery on her other eye.

          • Heather Chandler


        • Victorian Sex Orgy


          • Severus Snark

            “Victorian Sexy Orgy Respect” is one of the best phrase I’ve ever read.

    • I saw that and died! But it might help her learn how to not be a f**king 500lb slob!

  7. SCC (not the rude one)

    I’m so confused. I clearly have been hiding in a cave because I didn’t know irresponsibility was so celebrated. So people will give her money because #inspiration??

    I could probably be a better saver…but funnily, I pay my rent, insurance, car payment, utilities, buy groceries, etc all before I have fun with my money. I must be strange that way.

  8. sassy23

    She is a piece of work! I need to know who these people are that actually donate to her. They are as crazy as she is!

  9. Backyard Chicken

    I’m so confused…although I know I shouldn’t be. She posts an update to the GoFund me page where she states she can’t take out a loan or use credit cards to help her out because she admits to being bad with money and does not have the credit. And now you are asking people to give you money , even though you just admitted your bad with it??? How does any of this make sense?? I understand how direct sales works and clearly, for her anyway, it’s not enough to be a full time job. So her solution is instead of trying to find a new job, she’ll beg for money. And GoFund Me allows people to what equates to panhandle?! Poor Stasia, please donate to her while the other pages are for people (even children) who need money for life saving medical treatments. She is a horrible person

  10. Hot Lumpy Mess in a Tutu

    The best part is that the right-hand photo of her GFM image is of her shopping and trying on clothes. Where do I send my monies!

  11. batshitcrazy

    I don’t understand these people at all. They call her “AMAZEBALLS” (wtf is that exactly?), “a breath of fresh air”, “a true inspiration to me and 1000s of others”. How the f**k is she inspirational? They say she’s stuck with it, never gave up, blah blah blah. The only thing she’s never given up is her grifting, lying, shilling, social media-ing bullshit. If she truly had never given up her fat ass wouldn’t be needing weight loss surgery, she’d be needing skin removal surgery because she’d have lost the damned weight.

  12. PricklyPete

    This is so tacky. Get a job, maybe??

  13. oh, you

    The very least she could have done is pretended to ride cross country like that Fat Guy. This is just embarrassing. Modern day grifters have no style.

    • Purple21

      Ha ha ha, she’s making Fat Guy look like he is earning it. Grifting has truly sunk to a new low.

      • i love chili dogs

        Dude, she makes Eric look like a f**king financial advisor from whom people would actually seek financial advice. I cannot handle it.