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“Stylish Petite” Will Post Outfit Fiction

Annie, a “really petite” blogger, is getting some side eye in the petite style blogging world. It seems Annie concocted a story around her outfit – a story some had heard before.

An outfit posted by “Extra Petite” blogger Jean on September 9 featured a jacket that, according to Jean, her mom bought for her “five years ago from the Banana Republic outlet”.  Well yesterday Annie posted an outfit to her Instagram, and when asked where she got the coat, claimed:


Unfortunately there was a public internet trail showing Annie actually bought the coat on ebay. When people began to call her out on her obvious lie, providing proof that she did, in fact, not receive the coat from her mother but actually purchased it online days before, the internet scrubbing began in earnest.

But not only is Annie scrubbing her own internets – she is allegedly asking others to delete their own comments and tweets in order to completely erase any evidence:

Claims that she is “copying” Jean aside, Annie’s actions are so ridiculous I don’t even know where to begin. First of all it’s stupid to make up some story about a piece of clothing, especially when your ebay history is public. Second, it’s sort of sketchy to ask people to help you kick dust over your lies when you get caught. 

Third, I don’t know why anyone is surprised at this. I’m pretty sure style bloggers aren’t all 100% up front 100% of the time about where their items come from, for various reasons ranging from not wanting other bloggers to have the item to embarrassment at purchasing something from ebay. The only difference seems to be that those bloggers are smart enough to keep their purchase histories private, and probably don’t go around asking other people to delete their tweets to help them cover their tracks.