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Sunshine Mary Will Explain Why Shame And Shunning Are Good Things

Sunshine Mary, God’s stenographer, has taken time out of her busy schedule of victim blaming and feminism hating to inform us that shunning and stigma are valid ways to change “deviants” (such as single moms and homosexuals) into people worthy of human society.

You see, apparently some crazy people think that shaming and shunning aren’t really a solution for societal improvement. Some wackos even think help should simply be provided, free of judgment, to people in need! Well Mary is here to correct those beliefs:

We must shun the s**t, but we must also tell her if she stops sleeping around and doesn’t have any more out-of-wedlock children, we will help her with her financial burdens.  Notice the order of events here: change first, help second.

Mary thinks the current system of giving without stone throwing is wrong, saying “if you are a baby mama, you can come to church and be glorified and extolled, receive financial assistance and other kinds of help, yet continue on in your s**tty ways” and explaining that it “does not work to provide the benefit before the behavior change”.

Basically your skanky self won’t see a dime until you staple those knees shut, get a job, and show proper head hanging eye contact avoiding shame before your pure and righteous betters. Hooray for humanity! What wonderful progress we’re making.