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Sweetney Overcomes The Odds To Blog For Us All

Tracey, the mom running, put up an incredibly inspiring story Thursday about becoming the famous full time blogger she is today.

Sharing with us her amazing tale of triumph over the dual hardships of being financially supported while she got her blog off the ground and not having a full time job to distract her, Tracey tells us how she managed to succeed after her divorce took away her money husband/bankroll moved out:

In the blink of an eye, I was suddenly put in the panic-inducing position of having to either make blogging into something resembling a real, self-supporting job, or put it back in its place as a pure, free-time-only hobby. After all, I’d no longer be able to spend several hours a day writing online if I went back to work full-time. Most people with full time careers outside of the home in addition to families and lives can’t afford the time to post every day, or even every other day, let alone to multiple sites every day as I was. And so I was presented with a choice: make writing online financially viable or put it on the back burner alongside knitting and mosaic-making and all the other hobbies I wouldn’t have time for anymore.

Tracey goes on to tell us she chose to make blogging her career, and succeeded – and she bravely refuses to let you tell her blogging isn’t a job!

And so when I read self-righteous posts from bloggers who reject putting ads on their sites because they “aren’t for sale,” I can’t help but bristle with resentment over the implication that those of us who are trying to make a living off doing the thing we love just aren’t as authentic simply because, unlike them, we need to make an income to survive.

Tracey had a choice – get a full time job and never blog again (because who has the time to post when they work?) or continue to provide you people with her inspiring existence. Luckily for the internets, she chose the latter.

I personally cannot believe anyone would hold it against her for choosing to stay home and pursue the exhausting work of hitting ‘publish’ rather than secure her financial future with some death cubicle. Why can’t we women stick together instead of all this girl on girl hate? If you folks could stop being jealous and drinking ham water for one minute you might agree that Tracey is awe inspiring, and deserves our applause for making it clear that:

Some of us don’t even have a spouse to share our financial burdens with. Some of us have to fight alone, without anyone else to rely on for financial support, in order to do this thing we love if we want to keep doing it as devotedly, and regularly, as those of you with breadwinning husbands do.

She did this all on her own with no help after those first 5 years of financial support before she got divorced. I hope we can all come together and applaud her bravery through adversity!