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Taza Is Happy Her Sick Son Was Able To Be In The Photoshoot

Naomi Davis, of the family so little it’s even little in Frawnch,  has shared the uber artsy results of her MilK magazine cover shoot. As usual she was so grateful and so blessed and so glad and so thankful. She was especially happy because…

…conrad had just gotten over having a fever for a few days so he slept for most of the morning.  we didn’t put him in most of the shots since he was just cuddling with josh nearby…i’m so glad we still were able to sneak a few pictures with him in there

Sparkle Conrad, sparkle! Now before you scream ‘exploitation’ she says she asked the kids if they wanted to…honestly I don’t know what they’re doing. Recreating an Annie Lennox video or something? Anyway, she asked!

before agreeing to do it, i showed eleanor and samson photos from past magazines and also from anna palma’swork…and asked them what they thought and if they wanted to do it. they were up for it…

How parental! I’m sure framing it as “playing dress up and interacting with fun props” rather than just another day reversing the strides made by the Factory Acts made no difference whatsoever in their obviously informed decision. Oh well, whatever it takes to get on a Frawnch magazine cover, right? Press is press, and clicks is clicks!


    Poor kid doesn't even get a sick day. Taza and Co. must not have very good benefits.

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  2. crispenclean

    " . . . before agreeing to do it, I showed eleanor and samson photos from past magazines and also from anna palma's work . . . and asked them what they thought and if they wanted to do it. they were up for it."

    Eleanor: I think Anna Palma's work is trite and derivative, but I'll do it if I can wear red lipstick and look all emo and shit.
    Samson: I'm up for it if it's the cover. Otherwise, no deal.
    Conrad: Only if I can have an ice cream cone as big as my head. Also, my fever just spiked to 103.

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  3. judgemental rabbits

    Poor sick baby. 🙁 My heart goes out to him.

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    • Seaside Honey Fantasia

      Poor bubba, he even looks sick in this.

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    • Dame Helen Chichester

      You can totally tell that baby is sick. On the cover, American version, he looks downright physically uncomfortable and tantrummy. 🙁 It's better to look good than to feel good, I guess. Get with it, Conrad!

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    • TravisBickle

      Right?! That kid should have been home in bed.

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  4. Kids Inderporated

    No time for sickness, Conrad! You've got a pay check to earn - Mama needs her new JCrew jacket and another holiday & we can't have Papa going to work at an actual work place. Your little family needs you to make bank!

    SUCK THAT FEVER UP AND WORK YOUR BEST ANGLES. You are a performing seal after all!

    Mama is the best Mama in the world! Social media says so! Woooo. GOOD JOB, CONRAD. GOOD JOB. You don't look sick at all. How special your photos are. Not creepy at all!


    Those poor, poor children. Their parents really are narcissistic desperadoes. What awful jerks they are.

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    • Narcissistic Desperado

      Narcissistic Desperado is a brilliant user name!

      Too bad the kid didn't barf all over the set. Poor thing looked miserable.

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  5. snarkfordays

    They are disgusting.

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  6. Purple21

    Oh that poor little sick baby. And that writing style, with no capitals and those long run-on sentences... I'm feeling a little ill myself after reading it.

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  7. CantCantCant

    Shitballs. Mommy blogging is even more obnoxious in French:

    "Elle incarne l’American Dream version 2016, à coups de centaines de milliers de followers et photos kids friendly. Welcome Taza, la maman la plus influente d’Instagram ! On a shooté la petite famille à New York, où la vie est une fête. Ambiance retro-festive et colorée ; pour adopter la tendance en un clic, suivez le guide !"

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    • Love Gaza

      The Google translation is even funnier:

      She embodies the American Dream Version 2016, to death with hundreds of thousands of followers and pictures kids friendly. Welcome Taza, the most influential mom Instagram! The little family was shot in New York, where life is a celebration. Retro-colorful and festive atmosphere; to adopt the trend in one click, follow the guide!

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      • oh get over yourself Melanie

        this literally reads like one of her posts

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  8. our carefully laid plans

    With choices like dragging her sick child to some photo shoot, bloggers like her are the last people on earth I'd ever justify my parenting choices to. She isn't influential. She isn't cool. She's just a publicity pig.

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  9. Resting Trump Face

    Good lord someone had to translate "my little family" in French.

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  10. Sponsored Sparkles

    It is obvious why MiLK magazine is jumping on the American blogger's children's exploitation scene, versus using a French blogger. In France, what Taza does for a living is illegal.

    Those pictures look depressing. They actually have the look and appearance of children being exploited, whimsically.

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  11. Apologetically Feministy

    Seriously??? In all those pics the poor boy looks sick as hell. I bet all he wanted to do was sleep and not pose for a stupid french magazine piece.

    Oh, and those pics look so contrived and cringy (hate that filter the photographer used).

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  12. Right on Top of That Rose

    somehow a french kids/parenting mag becomes an ego-bragging "editorial french fashion magazine" and conrad looks 100% entirely miserable in both photos. well done, julliard. well done. milk (hah!) those accessory babes for all they're worth. bank, bank, bank. so gross. i'm well aware that babies are resilient but poor little conrad's clearly miserable face just breaks my heart. how obliviously cruel can two parents be? wait, don't answer.

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    • A Touch of the Boleyns

      I love this name so much I want to pretend I'm a divorced mother re-entering the workforce and use my fabulous house to host a fashion show.

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      • Right on Top of That Rose


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  13. Wait...What?

    Does she really have hundreds of thousands of followers?

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