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Taza Is Happy Her Sick Son Was Able To Be In The Photoshoot

Naomi Davis, of the family so little it’s even little in Frawnch,  has shared the uber artsy results of her MilK magazine cover shoot. As usual she was so grateful and so blessed and so glad and so thankful. She was especially happy because…

…conrad had just gotten over having a fever for a few days so he slept for most of the morning.  we didn’t put him in most of the shots since he was just cuddling with josh nearby…i’m so glad we still were able to sneak a few pictures with him in there

Sparkle Conrad, sparkle! Now before you scream ‘exploitation’ she says she asked the kids if they wanted to…honestly I don’t know what they’re doing. Recreating an Annie Lennox video or something? Anyway, she asked!

before agreeing to do it, i showed eleanor and samson photos from past magazines and also from anna palma’swork…and asked them what they thought and if they wanted to do it. they were up for it…

How parental! I’m sure framing it as “playing dress up and interacting with fun props” rather than just another day reversing the strides made by the Factory Acts made no difference whatsoever in their obviously informed decision. Oh well, whatever it takes to get on a Frawnch magazine cover, right? Press is press, and clicks is clicks!

  1. allegedly

    Everyone loves the littles, I guess.

  2. tweecronut

    What kind of creepy, Terry Richardson nonsense is this, and who decided it was a good way to shoot little kids? They look like bizarre little circus clowns, and there’s something disturbingly vulnerable about them in the pictures. I can’t imagine any parent looking at this spread and being okay with it, but then, this is Naomi…life in this little city of theirs is expensive and mama needs her designer labels.

  3. Grumpy McGrumpypants

    I’ve not come across this woman before, probably because I’m in pretentious twat avoidance mode when it comes to all things blogging these days….I find the desperate need to make a buck of everything f’ing tiresome….especially when your youngest is as sick, real life doesn’t sparkle when your kid has a fever.

    But man, I’d kill for that mustard velvet dress.