Teenage Girl Steals Photos For Her Fake Childhood Cancer Blog

The Hoax Group, the for adults, has been recently uncovering the story of childhood cancer blog “Remembering Reilly”. It has now been revealed that the site, which claimed to be the online journal of the cancer struggle and eventual death of 3 year old Reilly Bowman, was started by a teenage girl:

I’ve heard from the person who is behind this hoax.  She’s a junior in high school and she says she started the blogs after hearing Taylor Swift’s song Ronan…We’ve discussed why what she did was harmful and wrong, and I truly believe she is sorry.

Someone who says “An apology doesn’t quite cut it,” is the REAL mother of “Reilly” – Sarah Gilliam. Photos of her son Jack, as well as photos of herself and other family photos, were stolen and used on the “Reilly” blog as well as on a facebook page for the blog.

The photo was an image of my son who is very much alive and whose name is Jack and not Reilly…It’s shocking to find that someone was using my family’s story to create a very different story, and a very terrible story of their own.

The hoaxster was even designed “Team Reilly” t-shirts. Apparently the girl behind the hoax is “considering talking to a psychologist”, while Gilliam says she is “researching legal options”.

In other news, thousands of mothers are now making their instagrams and facebook accounts private as we speak.

Edit: This post previous claimed the hoaxster was selling t-shirts. The post has now been corrected.