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That Wife Has Closed Down Comments

It's not you, it's her.

It’s not you, it’s her.

Jenna Cole, profitable, has decided she’s had enough of your feedback – she has removed comments from her blog.

I don’t invite strangers into my home to comment on my choice of curtains or the cleanliness of my bathrooms, and I’m not sure it makes sense to do so with my writing either…We are strangers, and I would like to utilize other spaces to get to know each other, keeping That Wife as a space that showcases my views absent the influence of others.

Saying “I’m terrible at moderating. I struggle with defensiveness” she encourages readers to interact with her on twitter, claiming she would “would love to go back and forth with you in 140 characters on a given topic”. She concludes by telling her readers she guesses she’ll hear from them on twitter, but if not they can still read her amazing words, presumably while keeping their opinions to themselves.