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“That Wife” Is Too Lazy For Baths

uh once a week?

Jenna Cole, caring mother, spent Mother’s Day giving her children their ‘weekly bath’. Yes, just like they did in the days before running water Jenna washes her children only once a week. And how’s that working out?


You read correctly – her son’s friend at school told him he stank. When commenters pointed out that maybe it’s time to scrub her stinker more often no matter the time of year, Jenna simply told them they need to read a book on the “history of bathing”. Asked why she only washes her kids once a week in the first place, Jenna responded with classic Jenna-ness.


So basically it has nothing to do with her “academic-lite” position on personal hygiene, and everything to do with her wanting motherhood to be as little work as possible. Such an inspiration for “single” moms everywhere!