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That Wife Will Not Deal With Kids Or Readers

Jenna Cole, stay at home tweeter, has had a busy few days. It seems nannies and mother’s helpers are no longer providing enough “me time” for Jenna, because now both of her children have been shipped off to daycare:


And how did Jenna spend her first day full of newfound work hours? Why, telling her readers their opinions don’t matter, of course. Saying she is a “gladiator in my own arena” and that the “feedback that does matter comes from a very select group of people” who provide her with hugs when she shares things, she announced she won’t be listening to anyone else from now on:

And now, when the clouds gather and the mental stewing begins, I picture My Arena. Is the feedback I’m considering coming from the hug+honesty group? No? Then I’ll be moving right along thankyouverymuch. I’ve got a battle to fight and a life to live. There is greatness to be had.

When readers suggested that the post came off a bit “you don’t get a say” Jenna responded by telling them “If you want your opinion heard, then don’t jeer. It’s pretty simple.” She went on to tell commenters that since it’s “impossible to please everyone” from now on she will only listen to “people who fit my criteria for feedback”. Presumably meaning not her readers.

Since she tweeted that her “work” is now blogging and photography I’m not sure why she thinks it’s a good move to essentially tell her readers that she won’t be listening to them anymore unless they agree with the “hugs” group. If that’s how a blogger feels it’s best to just quietly turn off comments, not check replies to your twitter, and setup email filters without some big fingers-in-ears post.

If bloggers have learned anything it should be that telling your readers they don’t matter is basically career suicide. Or, as one commenter said, “Good luck turning your blog into a full-time job with that attitude.”