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The Activist Mommy Will Burn Teen Vogue

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The Activist Mommy, does it all because of Jesus, wants everyone to demand Teen VOGUE be banned because it’s teaching children “how to be safely sodomized”.

Announcing that “Operation Pull Teen Vogue Is Underway!” Elizabeth gleefully tells readers “Teen Vogue Magazine must be pulled from all store shelves! It is a danger to children” before going on to beg people to share her video.

She then spent the past few days on twitter reminding everyone that she is “Accepting media requests for “Operation Pull Teen Vogue” at“, because there’s no point in protecting teenagers from finding out how to properly use each others’ genitals if you can’t get some publicity for it.

  1. Just Jane

    Now, how will Christian girls know how to stay “virgins” until marriage?

  2. Jessica

    So she bought a bunch of Teen Vogue mags to burn. That’ll teach ’em.

    • Purple21

      They should bring out a special “extra flammable” edition, with discounts if you buy in bulk.

  3. Maggie

    Yeah, I saw her video…..she encouraged people to purchase this issue of Teen Vogue, for the purpose of burning it. So if this woman has any influence, then this issue will have really great sales!
    The folks at Teen Vogue will probably be like “Whoa, info on anal sex really sells! We’ll have to publish articles on this topic more often! ”
    Also, this issue of Teen Vogue sounds awesome! I want to buy it not to burn, but to read!

    • oh, you

      Best part is the anal sex portion is only available online. They’re literally purchasing magazines to burn while the buttsex tutorial is a mere click away.

  4. Ranch Stained Loafers

    Teen Vogue has gotten a lot of praise on its political reporting and op-ed pieces recently…I wish it would have been that way when I was a teen. So yeah, keep giving them your money and encouraging others to do so.

  5. Flunked Out of Jelly School

    I’m surprised this pure Christian woman admitted that sodomy can be safe. I even watched the video to see if she actually said it because I thought the quote could have been from the magazine article.

  6. iamdavismethodism

    How dare you. You spit in the face of God. Make your choice. The era of Christ’s return has come.

    • CynicalAnn

      I’m going to guess that God is WAY more concerned about people murdering each other and treating each other badly than caring if teens or adults are having sex.

  7. lolasmiles

    The anal sex article isn’t even in the issue she’s burning. It’s .com only. So burning a magazine that doesn’t even contain the thing she’s mad about proves her point … how?