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The Bride Wore Smug: A KERF Wedding

KERF, of the custom napkin KERFs, has realized her “perfect day”.

She summed up her wedding with two pictures and one sentence.

All the smiles, love, and happiness.

Her hair and makeup were simple and flattering, and her dress was white lace over more white…I dunno, silk? I can’t tell.

I sadly have no snark about any of it, but I’m torn between my feeling that white at a second wedding is kind of *side eye* and my feeling that what the hell, wear what you want. I just wish there were pictures of those napkins in action.

  1. barefootbland

    Wait what???? Come on… side eyeing white at a second wedding is so outdated and sexist it hurts.

    • Right on Top of That Rose

      How dare you even have half of the thought in the first place, Alice. C’mon, we all know by now that feminism means not being allowed to have an independent thought or opinion unless the All Seeing Feminism Board of Oversight approves of it.

      Warning! Warning! Free range female alert!

      • I'm Not a Celiac, But I Play One On the Internet

        Let’s remember, Shauna wore white, “even though the time-worn symbolism of that color was not accurate,” because she was having all the sex.

  2. bloggerstrong

    Is it too early to call knocked up?

    • almond milk gone wild

      If not knocked up now, announcement by Thanksgiving!

      • snarkshark

        A lot of perfectly wonderful mothers don’t love pregnancy or the infant stage. Thank god that isn’t all that parenthood is comprised of. Criticize Kath for lots of things (and god knows everybody does), but she seems to be a loving mom. Shrug.

  3. Amanda Hugginkiss

    I wonder if her new best friend/recent guest blogger was invited to the wedding.

  4. Human Pinterest Fail

    Has anyone compared this yet to the comprehensive wedding advice she gave to her sister when her sister got engaged?

  5. seven-dollar sandwich

    So she KERF’d up Larbs’ wedding photos with her orange clown blush, but she wore flattering makeup for her own?