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“The Cluttered Wife” Says Abortion Is Not About Women’s Rights

The Cluttered Wife, certainly looks old enough to pronounce on what constitutes feminism, is pregnant. As a pregnant married woman, this gives her the right to give you “women’s rights” ladies a big ole truth bomb:

Sorry that I am not sorry, but abortion has absolutely nothing to do with “women’s rights”. It is not like gaining the right to vote. This is about ending a LIFE. The life of a child that has not yet been born. We need to stop using terms such as “fetus” to dehumanize these babies. Call me conservative if you wish, but the fact is that there is life in each of these children that a women now think they have the “choice” to end or to continue.

Look, I think it’s fine if anyone wants to be pro-life or whatever, but I really don’t think dragging feminism or women’s rights tenets into an “abortion is murder” debate is helpful. Feel abortion is wrong, by all means, be God’s guest, don’t have one if you think they are so evil; but if you start tugging at the thread of what women’s rights should include in order to force other women to adhere to your beliefs, guess who decides when the thread pulling stops? Men in government. The same men women already fought against for 200 years just to get the meager rights we currently have.

Maybe just sit this one out until you take a couple of women’s studies classes, sweetie.