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“The Feminist Breeder” Has Responded To Your Lawsuit

Gina, pioneer of the “Pay-To-Stalk model of the blogging world”, has finally responded to the lawsuit filed against her by rival birth blogger Dr. Amy. Allegedly filing a day late because of a sick pet or something, she is essentially saying Dr. Amy’s suit should be dismissed because the state the complaint was filed in has no says over Gina. She then began her memo in support of her motion to dismiss with opinions that are, in her mind I guess, totally relevant to the case:

Repeating several times (for no reason I can figure out) that she has “three young children”, the memo seemingly implies that Dr. Amy filed the suit because she was upset “someone had stood up to her” by filing DMCA takedown notices. In return, Dr. Amy quickly filed a motion to strike stating Gina’s memo “contains numerous immaterial, impertinent, and scandalous allegations that are highly prejudicial and have nothing to do with this action or, more specifically, Defendant’s claim that this Court lacks jurisdiction over her”.

Obviously Gina can’t let her main point – that Dr. Amy is bullying HER – be stricken from the proceedings, and thus filed yet another wtf-who-wrote-this response:

As Gina has evidently stated herself on her own blog that she should have “kept my…mouth shut” and saying “I AM a[n]…idiot”, maybe it’s time for her to put the shovel down and stop digging herself deeper into a “highly publicized incident that people will use for years to come to paint me as the asshole”.

Seriously though, my main question is: what kind of lawyer would file motions like this? These motions read like blog posts, not legal papers. What kind of lawyer would go ‘awwww yeah these are totally going to show them! high five!” to these types of memos? I’m honeslty more confused about that than any of the actual facts involved at this point.