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The Feminist Breeder Wants To Teach Blogging

The Feminist Breeder, super successful paywall blogger, would like your feedback on her latest moneymaking idea.


Evidently the impetus behind this amazing plan is Gina’s inability to find a job worthy of her six figure education. Complaining she can’t find even a minimum wage part-time job willing to work around her schedule, she reminds the world what she has sacrificed to do…whatever it is she’s doing.

I left a $50,000 a year job to get my BA then MPH. Since then I’ve lost $250,000 in income plus the $120,000 in debt. I was miserable in that job, but I don’t know if I was $370,000 miserable.

Because Gina clearly has the perfect combination of temperament and knowledge to conduct an online only blogging course, her fans immediately offered anywhere from $50-100 for an hour of her time. Frankly I’d pay $50 just to watch Gina’s ban happy meltdown the first time someone challenged her answers or advice.

I thought she was making buckets of money with her omg most successful ever pay-to-play website? If she’s doing so well, why does she need part time jobs and income from questionable online how-to-blog courses? If I hate posts that end with questions, why do I keep doing it?