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The Feminist Breeder Will Educate Autistic People About Autism

Gina, knows everything about birth and feminism, informed the internet a few days ago that her child has been diagnosed with ASD. Since then she has apparently become an expert on autism and its causes, posting stories she claims show “further proof that high intervention birth practices” are possibly “to blame for some of what we’re seeing”.

As people who actually have ASD began to comment on her proclamations, Gina immediately turned on the Gina and began telling them, in a nutshole, that they have no idea wtf they are talking about, and she won’t be listening to any of it:

I can see that a bunch of y’all seem to have been fighting about this long before I ever came along and aren’t even responding to what *I* have actually said. My mind hasn’t been changed about anything. Now I just know which corner of the Internet to avoid.

As Gina continued to dismiss anyone trying to explain how some ASD people feel about “cures”, one commenter summed up the problem:

That’s the crux of this. That someone who claims to be a feminist is quite willing and quick to dismiss a minority group’s opinion as invalid, or trolling, or irrational, etc. When an oppressed group tells you that you’re being offensive and hurtful, you have an obligation as a human, a feminist, and someone who claims to care about people with autism. An obligation to listen.

Another ASD commenter also attempted to get through with their side of the issue:

What we are saying — over and over again, without anyone listening — is that attempting to “cure” your child DOES NOT MAKE HIS LIFE EASIER. It makes it HARDER. It makes it WORSE. What makes autistic people’s lives easier, better? Acceptance. Education. Equal rights. Which people would know if they would just ask the autistic people right in front of them, and believe our answers.

Eventually The Autism Women’s Network chimed in, basically telling Gina to shut up and stop acting like a 5 day old diagnosis makes her an expert or voice:

The oppression of Autistic people, perpetuated by ideas like those found on The Feminist Breeder’s Facebook Page IS EXACTLY why AWN’s committee, DIVERgent: when disability & feminism collide was created. Please join us at DIVERgent, so we can continue dispelling the myths and stereotypes like the ones found on TFB.

I’m not sure why anyone is bothering to debate with this woman. She has long made it clear that she knows everything about everything, and if you disagree you just don’t know what you’re talking about. They may as well go try to have a discussion with a pile of mud about what it’s like to be a human – at least a pile of mud wouldn’t tell you that they have seen human beings walk by, so they totally know what being human is all about.