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“The Fitnessista” Producing The Latest Blogger Book

The Fitnessista, expert mother, finally got a book deal after 5 years of trying:

In the entire proposal process,I’d lost quite a bit of my voice by trying to formalize my writing style; in the past I’d been told that I “use to much slang” and need to “tighten things up.” This time, I finally felt like there was freedom to write whatever and however I wanted, so I rewrote the entire proposal…She wrote back and said she loved it (!), presented it to her publishing house, the concept passed, and she sent the contract over a month later.

The book will apparently be released January 2015 and will be about…working out and dieting. Because there is just a serious dearth of diet and exercise books, people. Anyway, she joins Natalie Jean, Jordan Reid, and soon, if the anonymous tipsters are right, Love Taza in the Bloggers Currently Writing Books No One Will Remember In Five Years Club.