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The Freckled Fox Has Already Remarried

Emily Meyers, of Freckled Fox fame, has finally announced her weeks old remarriage. Roughly 90 days after putting her “sweetheart” in the ground, she has decided she is “ready to move forward”.

…I’m ready to share some news that I’ve been keeping to myself for the last little while. I’m ready to introduce you to Richard…When I became engaged to Martin, Richard and I parted ways as friends. We didn’t reconnect until very recently, and things started moving fast between us. We had grown so close all those years ago, and were very much able pick up where we’d left off.

Her late husband’s family seems less than thrilled about the whole thing, with family members who attempt to comment on her instagram allegedly being deleted and blocked. One finally took to facebook to make their side heard in a now deleted post.


Opponents of the rapid remarriage are calling it “gross”, “shady af”, “disrespectful”, and “Just. Nuts.”

  1. Eastshore

    I noticed that Mr. Hackworth was the photographer at the funeral. Beginning to really wonder about that guy.

  2. lizzie

    if heaven forbid something happened to my husband i wouldn’t have pulled myself off the floor that fast let alone rekindle an old romance and actually get married. and the LAST thing i would do is call up my high school boyfriend and say “WYD – my husband died. want to raise my 5 kids?” this seems particularly bananas.

  3. Pigeon club


    • Purple21

      That was my first thought, but even if she was having grief sex with an old flame and… oops! The dates are still baffling. Her husband died at the end of June and she was married on September 9. So she had exactly enough time to get pregnant and confirm it, but she still couldn’t wait a while to get married… or at least introduce the new man to her in-laws for a slow preparation?

      According to one of the relatives who has posted here*, she showed up to a family dinner at Martin’s parents place, with the new man and a wedding photo. Yay! Surprise! Now lets’s get back to talking about Martin’s memorial stone.
      *Not independently verified

      • pigeon club

        Who knows when they ‘reconnected’? If the wedding date is correct, she waited 20 days to announce her remarriage. Obviously she knew it looked bad, and has been prepared to moderate and delete comments in a frenzy.

        She made this announcement because she had to.

        • Purple21

          Yes, she could have been pregnant before Martin died and then thought the best thing to do was to rush into marriage to make everything seem respectable. She’ll need a really good photographer in five months time, if she wants a full-term baby to look like a premmie.

          Really, the best thing to do is to close down the blog for a year or two and then reappear with her new husband and baby, and her revamped brand of happiness after tragedy. And if she conceived before he died, she could kick start the new blog with a searingly honest and painful confession blog about how she tried to honor her husband while moving fast-forward into her new life.

      • minnieis4

        Is she already pregnant again?

  4. Pineapple McCrazy Eyes

    OMG, I didn’t know the husband died, even though I remember all the doubt that he was even sick months ago. I’m really sorry to hear about that.

    A good friend of mine, who has four children, just lost their spouse six months ago after a long illness. The family is still grieving, and my friend has gone on a couple of dates, but they have been sensibly cautious and very slow about the idea of introducing someone new into their life. I just can’t even imagine what a tailspin this puts on those kids.

  5. WhatIsWrongWithThesePeople

    It was actually less than 90 days. I think one of the family members mentioned on the forum thread that it was like 60 days between his death and her remarrying, she just waited a few weeks to post about it. Utterly shameful.

    • Get the iodine

      There are four posts on her blog between the funeral photoshoot and the new husband announcement. Four.

      I don’t understand the grief of losing a spouse, and I understand that you would be lonely, but that is incredibly quick. How painful for Martin’s family that must be.

    • Another Day

      According to the people claiming to be Martin’s family, they married on September 9th. She was still getting condolence posts on the “pictures of the funeral” post on September 22nd, FFS.

      Anyway he died on June 15th, according to her blog. So almost a week shy of 90 days.

      • Sue (the napkin)

        Twelve weeks and two days. What are you all moaning about? She waited PAST twelve weeks!!!!!!!


  6. Jay Bee

    Is it Mormon to not have sex outside of marriage? Maybe Mama horny.

    • mellamma

      I don’t think she was a strict Mormon because she did bikini competitions.

  7. :(

    I just want to say that this whole situation makes me so sad for everyone involved. I totally get Martin’s family’s anger and sadness over this but I hope they can find it in them to be kind to Emily in their hearts because this is a woman who is literally experiencing so much grief and pressure she cannot even process it and has just made a rash decision that in 2-3 years she is going to wake up from and just wail over. Martin definitely deserved better, I get that.

    But Emily is *not thinking clearly*. Nobody who has been through grief can’t see right through this. She is in a strange sort of denial period where she thinks if she stays busy and does happy stuff, Martin’s loss will be more bearable. But it is still going to come crushing down on her hard at times – the first holidays without him, the first birthdays her kids have without him, when she has to register them for school alone, when they ask her questions about him. And that stuff is just not stuff she is going to be able to appropriately mourn and grieve and handle while also trying to be Sweet Newlywed wife to her new husband.

    He too should have known better than to jump into this, but I feel for him as well. Look, I know the Meyers family people said this is all Emily and not the church but no. It IS YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS AND TEACHINGS that have these two people thinking this is normal. Emily’s husband died so she’s lost her purpose in life. This guy wants to step in and be Hero Husband and Dad because he thinks that’s his highest calling. Mormonism absolutely plays into this. Frankly, whoever this guy is, he deserved better too. He deserved to get married to a woman who chose him first, have kids with her, build a family, and not be the shoulder on which a grieving widow he happened to marry far too soon is hit with a wave of grief and loss of her husband and kids’ father. That is not fair to him, nor is he likely emotionally capable of handing it well on Emily’s behalf or his own. He will get tired of her being sad about Martin, he will resent he didn’t get his “own” family story and jumped into this ready made family who was in flux.

    I feel certain Emily will shake herself awake in 2-3 years and wonder what on earth she did. She will regret it for what it did to Martin’s family and Martin’s memory, for what it did to herself and her kids, and for what it did to her new husband. Death creates awful unfair situations all around and all of these people are hurting in various ways and unable to respond in a healthy way to them right now. God I just wish them all luck. This is going to be brutal to go through and brutal when it all ends and Emily will just have so, so much regret and sadness and anger toward herself over it. She’s trying to heal and just grabbing at things in the dark. I know some said this suggests she never cared about Martin as much as a spouse should but I think it’s the opposite. She has so totally lost her bearings having lost him and is hurting so much that she would do something like this just trying to get that steady, safe, supported, loved feeling back.

    • Another Day

      This is the kindest and most generous (to Emily and to Richard) take on the situation I’ve seen yet. And I have a feeling you’re speaking from experience.

      I wish them the best, I hope the kids come through this okay, and perhaps most of all I hope Emily “wakes up” enough to apologize to Martin’s family before that relationship is totally soured. I feel like I should be putting the kids in the “most of all” spot but I honestly think at least three of them are young enough to not fully understand, and are likely to experience very little trauma related to losing their dad. (Which is why I wish E & R the best.) But for Martin’s family the grief and this fresh pain on top of it will not soon be forgotten.

    • :/

      It cannot be underestimated how much of a role her religion and upbringing played. She grew up as 1 of 11 children in an LDS family. She was brought up to believe her role in life is a mother and wife. At age 18, instead of going to college or professional school like most young adults do (no offense to Emily, perhaps her family lacked the money to send her college) she was married to a man 10 years her senior and immediately had 5 children, in a span of 5-6 years, then was widowed at 25. A lot of people commenting are saying how we can’t imagine why she would do this or that, but her entire life is so different than most of ours.

      I think she is making a mistake to marry so soon but I also think her mindset is totally different than mine and yours. I think shesees herself as being practical: she is 25, with no education or work experience, she can’t support 5 kids on her own. What she has going for her is being part of a religion/culture that emphasizes marriage, and being beautiful. It kind of reminds me of the olden days, like in Pioneer times when women were expected to re-marry quickly so they were never alone (and in some parts of the world that is still normal).

      • JIF

        I agree and disagree all that the same time. But funny that you should bring up pioneers because when I read this, my first thought was “This is ain’t 1850!” Back then sheer survival was so harder that you remarried out of practicality – not because your heart was super twitter-pated. It’s 2016. You can wait longer and go slower out of respect not only for yourself, but even more for your children. I mean, where’s the fire? If this guy is the your second forever true love or something, why can’t he wait around another 6 months?

        I guess what I agree with is that in her situation (LDS, uneducated, 25, with 5 kids) she probably feels that she has to do this or only sees the upside. I’m LDS and a strong supporter of women getting educations (for this very reason! Hel-LO my fellow LDS ladies!) so I guess my disagreement comes from the sadness that girls like this (like me) are still making these choices in 2016. Sure, motherhood is super important to us, but if you think it’s smart to not prepare for different eventualities, you also haven’t been listening in church very closely.

        • Purple21

          Even if 1850, you had to wait “a decent interval” of about a year before it was socially acceptable to marry again. Remember poor Scarlett O’Hara missing out on all the parties and condemned to only wear black when she was 16/17 years old? I bet the common sense reason behind that archaic tradition was to give people some breathing space before they were ready to make a rational decision to move forward. Especially if the women were under financial pressure to marry again… at least you have a year to keep the guy at arms length while you consider the option.

          • JA

            It’s off the FF topic, but my money on the old-time 1-year mourning period for widows would also be to clarify any succession rights. If you wait a year between marriages there’s a clear delineation between a child who should be inheriting from your first husband and a child who should be inheriting from your second husband.

    • Vainglorious Poop Weasel


    • It Happened to Me

      Thank you for this compassionate point of view. What I thought when I looked at her blog post about her new husband was that she’s trying very hard to move on and put on a happy face — either for herself, her children, or her blog readers. I don’t know enough about her but I do wonder if she’s thinking that her fans would be bummed out if she posted about the ugly side of grief, despair, adjusting to a life without the presence of someone you thought would always be by your side, and helping children work through difficult feelings about losing their father.

      But you can’t decide you’re done with grief like that. There IS life after loss, but you can’t wall off the sadness and say “Welp, that’s all done, then!” It’ll hold temporarily, but eventually the unexpressed emotions win.

      And I have experienced and known others who’ve experienced a brief phase of early mourning that I call false acceptance. It’s usually a few months in. We get one moment of reprieve from the sadness and think “Finally, it’s here!”

      I think we cling hard to that glimmer of hope — especially if you’re in a culture that strongly emphasizes optimism no matter what. It’s easy to misread “I’ve regained the energy to do what’s necessary to take care of myself and family” as “I’ve accepted the loss and am ready to move on!”

      And because small children are involved here, it’s hard for me to feel schadenfreude if/when this second marriage fails. Children have a harder time articulating difficult emotions and their silence is often mistaken as a sign that they’re okay.

      I also don’t like the idea of small children being caught in the middle of a family fight. (The FB comment from the family member doesn’t even mention the children and their feelings once.)

      I also find it sad that she’s surrounded by sycophants who support her unsound decision just because she made it and because they know questioning her will only get you exiled. They are not helping her or her family.

      Are there any psychology grad students writing on how the artifice of popular lifestyle/mommy blogging affects the blogger? I’d read that dissertation.

    • On The Run From Soap and Creditors

      Yeah, grief makes people do crazy things, but….I don’t even think she’s grieving. Grieving people don’t have the presence of mind to hire a photographer to get a snap of their backside as they visit their husband’s coffin. Attention wh**e, yes. Grief-stricken widow? Betcha she’s not. Those funeral photos were vomitous.

    • DiDi

      This is so true. The sad thing is, given her young age she also will think every man is like Martin. I’m not saying this isn’t a good guy (although I highly question it because it appears he is taking advantage of her grief for an instant family), but she may have some surprises coming. It’s sad all around.

  8. DeeperSouth

    Does anyone remember the blog (gone now, can’t find it) written by a woman who married her college (?) sweetheart and learned almost immediately that he had brain cancer. They adopted two sons (referred to as the “boyz”) and he eventually passed away. I think he worked for John Deere and they were Indiana or Illinois? Anyway, she remarried quickly and it was very bad, as the guy was a gold digger and was after the money she received from life insurance, etc. after her husband had passed away. It was a painful, messy divorce and she quit writing.

    I’m just sayin’… be careful FF.

    • Yeesh

      Seriously grossed out. I wish I could believe this new dude has positive intentions, but let’s be real. This whole thing is too gross for words. This whole thing reeks of desperation on FFs (freckled fox indeed – I’m sure I’m not the only one drawn to this conclusion); and being an opportunist on the part of the new “love”.

      This will not end well. I hope to f**k and the Flying Spaghetti Monster I am wrong but I’m not getting a safe vibe here.

  9. JIF

    WHOA. That’s what comes to mind first. I can’t say for sure what exactly I will do if, heaven forbid, my husband were to pass away soon. But for crap’s sake, DATING wouldn’t be on my mind for a good long while. Or if some 2nd dream man fell from the sky in to my lap, I’d be telling him “Dude, my husband JUST DIED. I have kids. We are going to take this crazy slow. If you really care about me you’ll not let me make any major decisions right now”. Just….holy crap! This girl is a baby too, at only 25. It makes me crazy when other LDS women make choices like this that make us all look like little mindless, marrying robots who think everything will just work out perfectly. WE HAVE TO USE OUR BRAINS LADIES. If you think you have to lock this down pronto, that should be a big red flag that something is amiss. Any decent guy that really cares for you is going to 1) give you space to heal and make sure you are putting your kids first, and 2) can wait a freaking second before talking marriage when the grass hasn’t even fully regrown over your first husband’s grave.


    • Krysten

      It took me longer to move on from a breakup. I don’t understand. And I can’t fathom how people are sticking up for her. It’s really disrespectful and creepy.

  10. VenusFlyTrap

    Looking at Richard’s FB page, I could see him thinking he just won the lottery: Not only does he get to be Emily’s “rescuer” but he, too, will now be financially set for life. Not too long ago this sad-sack was lamenting the fact that he can’t find or keep a girlfriend, and was offering $10 a night to sleep on people’s couches. Not exactly strong husband material. This does not bode well.

    I don’t wish her ill-will (who knows how any of us would handle this situation if we were in her shoes), but I fear that this is not going to be her fairy-tale ending.

    • Billsburg

      Unless there is a trust fund someplace, I hardly think he’s set for life even if she did receive $180,000 from her go fund stuff. And even if the life insurance was $1,000,000 and is conservatively invested, they might get $40,000 a year. That’s not much money when you have 5 + kids to raise and educate.

      • VenusFlyTrap

        Relatives of Martin’s have commented that his very wealthy parents have indeed set her up with a trust fund. Her beautiful new house and her cars are also paid off.

        • Billsburg

          Geez. That makes this situation that much worse. Martin’s parent’s must be beyond upset. Hope the trust can be modified so that money is strictly for the children.

  11. thisiskrister

    I’m kinda divided on this. I don’t know much about this lady though, so maybe she’s just out there.

    My Grandfather was married to my grandmother for over 30 years and she died in a car wreck on the way home from her retirement party. My Grandfather remarried less than 6 months later, and stayed married to her until he died.

    but, he also would never had a gofundme page…

    • God promised you the baby would come out the vag

      It seems very common for men to remarry more quickly than women. But also, your grandfather was an older man who probably didn’t have five little kids at home. AND he still waited six months! I think there is a big difference between these two situations.

  12. Oh Fine

    In 2008 my older brother died after a long battle with cancer. It was 14 months from diagnosis to death. He had a wife and three very young kids.

    She remarried very quickly. 94 days from his death. We were all shocked. She and my brother had been together since they were freshman in college. My parents were sad and naturally worried about her and the kids.

    Turned out she had been reconnecting with an old coworker while my brother was dying. After he died it went from innocent emailing to dating to marriage. It wasn’t nearly as sudden as it seemed to all of us. As I eventually learned this is relatively common when a spouse is definitely terminal, whether fair or not. My brother stood no chance. None. She came to terms with his death long before he actually died. By the time he died she had been a widow with three kids for a year.

    Thankfully she handled her remarriage and my family’s role in her kids’ lives mostly with grace. She still lives by my parents, and they see the kids every Friday night. They have learned to love her second husband even when it is hard. It has been rocky at times, but in the end the kids are the most important. She and her second husband have no children together.

    Anyway. I guess my point is that it is really hard but grace and class goes a long way in how you handle it. Based on the comments from her family she has shown neither.

    • Apeeling Attire

      This is a really illuminating and gracious and honest response. Thanks 🙂

    • HomeGoods Target HomeGoods Target HomeGoods

      I’m sorry about your brother, and feel so bad for your nieces/nephews. That’s terrible.

    • chicken fried beetface

      This made me cry,. Sorry for your loss.
      I have experienced what it was like to “pre-grieve” when a loved one was diagnosed with a quickly progressing terminal illness. What you said sheds light on that in terms of remarrying so quickly, but I agree that she has shown no grace or class in this situation. And the fact that she is getting all the praise and confetti from all her blog fans only adds insult to injury for Martin’s family. I feel awful for them.

    • ChasingHope

      I’ve been reading the comments with interest and finally feel the need to chime in.

      I lost my first husband suddenly to an accident. I was young (though not as young as FF) and had many young children. I could barely function. It was all I could do to serve my kids pop tarts for breakfast. Dating was not on my radar for a LONG time, although I will admit I was horny af.

      Fast forward three years and I reconnected with a friend from college. We had a “vibe” together back in the day, but never dated. He was divorced with two kids. We married and added another baby to the mix. Then he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He battled for almost four years. We knew it was just a matter of time before the cancer would take over. Because we anticipated his death, I had “anticipatory grief.” But when he died, I still grieved like a mofo.

      There were no photoshoots. No perfectly done make-up. No cutesy matching outfits. No pretty braids. No whimsical blog posts. It was smelly pajamas. Days without a shower. Puffy eyes, a snot smeared face and greasy tangled hair. It was days asleep and nights awake. It was trying to parent and failing miserably. It was feeling nothing but pain.

      I just cannot wrap my head around this celebration of “A New Chapter: Here’s to the Future” of FF’s new marriage and her happy little family less than 90 days after the death of her husband and her children’s daddy. Something is off. Way off.

  13. snarkaceratops

    This is just completely….insane to me. I know everyone grieves differently and it is probably really different when it’s a drawn out illness that you know is terminal, but I married at 18, was a war widow before 20, and now, a few months away from being 28, dating is still uncomfortable and almost feels like cheating. I know that my reaction is probably extreme in the other direction, but the whole 3 months to marriage thing is absolutely baffling. She has money, she has his whole family and presumably a huge church community to help her through it, WHY marry so soon?! If she felt compelled to date, fine, that’s cool, but leave off the major life decisions until there’s at least a damn headstone, christ…

    • JIF

      Yes – where she completely on her own with no support, I’d see more her angle of wanting help and someone to take care of her. But she’s one of 11 (?) children, she has the church community, her parents, friends – this wasn’t out of need.There are tons of people that she can rely on and who will be there for her. For some strange reason, she felt if they didn’t marry RIGHT NOW they never would be able to? Is the world ending soon and no one has let me know yet? Again, where’s the fire? I see no reason for the rushing – even waiting just 6 more months. 6 months is NOTHING in light of your children’s need to process and you needing to really make sure you want to hitch this wagon to another person so quickly.