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The Freckled Fox Has Already Remarried

Emily Meyers, of Freckled Fox fame, has finally announced her weeks old remarriage. Roughly 90 days after putting her “sweetheart” in the ground, she has decided she is “ready to move forward”.

…I’m ready to share some news that I’ve been keeping to myself for the last little while. I’m ready to introduce you to Richard…When I became engaged to Martin, Richard and I parted ways as friends. We didn’t reconnect until very recently, and things started moving fast between us. We had grown so close all those years ago, and were very much able pick up where we’d left off.

Her late husband’s family seems less than thrilled about the whole thing, with family members who attempt to comment on her instagram allegedly being deleted and blocked. One finally took to facebook to make their side heard in a now deleted post.


Opponents of the rapid remarriage are calling it “gross”, “shady af”, “disrespectful”, and “Just. Nuts.”

  1. Pluck Me Running

    If it wasn't for the kids, I'd be like "just another hipster who married a dude wearing a hairband like he's some sorority sister from 1965". What ev.

    But regardless of how she's trying to spin this "oh I've known him for 10 years - so it's all Good", the fact is that five little kids lost the only father they've known, and less than 3 months later there's a strange man living in the house kissing up on mommy. That is not OK, not in Mormon world or any world.

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  2. deadcacti

    wowwwwww. that is so f**king quick, she clearly is not in the best mental state right now. i feel for those poor children. what a terrible mother. i know that probably sounds harsh and she's in a grieving state right now, but maybe don't marry somebody while you're still grieving. i mean, how can you even be a good partner in that state? i hate everything about this, but hope that everyone turns out okay in the end, because that's what matters.

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    • Lulu

      My ex and father of my kid died 3 years in to my current relationship and I was the shittiest partner ever for a long while after it. It nearly drove us apart as its hard for anyone to watch their partner/spouse cry over someone else and all that the grieving process entails like talking about the person endlessly and putting them on a pedestal the way we tend to do after a young person dies.

      When there are young kids in the equation,you grieve for them. And try to make sure they don't forget the parent they lost. Richard will have to be a saint to not have any feelings of wanting them to be over it or jealousy at how heroic Martin will be in everyones eyes when he's the one that'll be dealing with all the phases of grief and growth to come with the kids right up to adulthood.

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  3. Purple21

    I was enrolled in a course once, and another girl (late teens, early 20s) in the class caught the same train home as me. We were chatting on the train and she started telling me about how her mother had died a few years earlier and her father married again after a few months. All the kids loathed this stepmother and the girl told me that even her father had said there should be a law against remarrying within a year of being widowed. So clearly when he woke up to reality, he had huge regrets. This poor girl had tears streaming down her face while she was telling me about this evil stepmother, and at the same time, I felt really bad for the stepmother living in this house where she was treated like the biggest mistake ever.

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    • :(

      This is what makes me feel bad for the new husband. He's just set up to fail. A marriage should be happy. It should be a celebrated occasion, not one that is hidden and then causes turmoil for those you love. He is going to try so hard but he will just never be Martin. When Emily sees her kids do something amazing, her first impulse is going to be to tell Martin. Martin won't be there of course, but for years, that's going to be the first thing that pops into her head: "Oh, I have to tell Martin about this." There will be memories she conjures up and will want to talk about with Martin, because he was there. Richard wasn't. He might be a great guy and a stand-up stepfather but he's not their dad. He wasn't there when they were born, for the sleepless nights, for the first time they smiled. He cannot possibly share those experiences and memories with Emily and that's a deficit that can't be made up. Their families will see him if not forever, for a long time, as "the guy Emily married when Martin died." It's so unfair to him and the kind of husband and dad he could have been, because he has been thrust into these shoes he just can't fill and that honestly, nobody really *wants* him to fill. They don't care how objectively great Richard is or could be. He's the guy who's standing in for Martin. It's just so tough.

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      • Apeeling Attire

        Your comments are breaking my heart, because it sounds like you know a lot about this from first-hand experience. I'm so sorry. Hugs to you.

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      • Seaside Honey Fantasia

        I posted about this, too. I'm married to a widower and what you're saying 🙁 is absolutely correct. Richard is set up for heartbreak and to fail. He's the fill-in guy, the too-soon guy, the place holder until Emily goes to heaven with Martin guy. He's the comfort to Emily guy. All of those are Richard doing services, it doesn't give him a fair chance to just be a normal husband and stepfather. It robs him of the chance to participate in a marriage of him and Emily....because Martin is essentially in it too. Their families will have a hard time seeing him as a true spouse.

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  4. Spent a decade finding myself

    My husband and I started dating about 6 months after his wife died. She actually encouraged it. I had been their nanny/general help for 3 years at that point, so we knew each other pretty well, their daughter was comfortable with me, and his wife wanted him to marry me when she passed. All that being said, out of respect for their traumatized little girl, we didn't so much as hold hands until she'd been gone 6 months. We waited until she was gone a year to "come out" to anyone as a couple. We got married two years after she died. I'm able to have the relationship I have with my stepdaughter because we respected her mother's memory by taking it slow. I feel bad for her kids that their father has been replaced so quickly. It must be so confusing for them.

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  5. dr whom

    My amazing husband died very suddenly in 2007. I had two kids that were juniors in college ( twins).
    I remember the first week of insomnia/barf crying, and in the back of my head one time I began thinking about being alone forever at a young-ish age, ( sudden death BS makes one think in absolutes) and that led to, "OK, I'll wait six months and then I'll start dating..."

    I was a LUNATIC to think that! In hindsight, I know I was simply in shock.
    As it turned out, I couldn't function for more than a few hours at work every day fore two years.

    At three years out, I met a fellow widowed person in April and by August we were married.
    That was 6 years ago. We had adjustments to make b/c of widowhood that most people when they marry don't have to deal with. It's not all roses and sunshine like the first time around, but the work is worth it. To us it is, anyway :))

    I feel for this chick, but damn. Did she have no close family to talk her off the ledge?

    Oh and a side note-the family of the deceased person is never OK right away when you tell them you are remarrying. My late hub's mom was like,"So Soon!" when I called to tell her my happy/sad news-and it was almost 4 years later! You can get another spouse, they can never "replace" their child/sister/brother, and that's just a heartbreaking fact. ( Please note: I KNOW you can't replace anyone, ever.)
    Same thing with my now hubs-his in-laws dropped him like a hot potato. He was always in contact with her family ( they had been together 15 years!), his nieces/nephews/etc, and then poof-they disappeared from his life. My old -inlaws did a slower fade; I only still hear from his BFF at this point.

    Grief sucks and it's hard. People make choices when they are in shock that level headed family members need to address sometimes-sad for her that this didn't happen.

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  6. Apeeling Attire

    I don't even have it in me to snark after reading all of these comments. Some of you hams have been through really heartbreaking shit, and your comments are making me feel all kinds of tender and huggy. Off to emote into my coffee for awhile...

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  7. don't get it

    I don't know Emily and I'm not defending Emily. But here's what I see. I don't care how much money Martin's parents set up for her and her children, they do not own her. And yes, a lot of wealthy families do act like they own their family members when cash is involved. A benefit of growing up poor.
    Second, the kids are really really young. This won't affect them quite as hard as if this was a bunch of tweens and teens.
    It's likely that her and Richard had already started communicating prior to Martin's death, I would think anyway. As stated elsewhere on this thread, that's not uncommon.
    She's not married to Martin anymore (here on earth, I know Mormons believe in eternal marriages). She is free to do this. She is not cheating on Martin.
    Finally, the only bad part of this story is that it looks bad. I don't see how she was so stupid to at least not wait until after the New Year.

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    • Itsmesucka

      Marty's family is not trying to control Emily. They support her financially and have never tied stipulations to that because she has been their daughter. It is wrong to lie to your family about something like swear he's "just a friend," to show up at his parents house with the new man and a wedding picture to break the news. To erase our family's feelings because it does not fit her can you say that's not wrong?

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    • Purple21

      If Emily can successfully remarry within months of her husband's death, his family are clearly not trying to control her actions or "own" her. It's not as if she escaped from the highest tower of the castle to elope with Richard.
      Martin's parents have lost their beloved son - their only connection with him now is through his children. So it's natural that they want to maintain a positive relationship with Emily even though she's not the wife of their son any more. They haven't had a chance to navigate this yet, and already Emily has intentionally misled them.
      If Martin had died two years ago, instead of two months ago, it would be different. If they didn't like it, that's a shame, but they have had two years to reshape their relationship with their grandchildren without Martin in the picture. Now they are genuinely at risk of losing contact with their grandchildren.
      Emily has basically taken them as emotional hostages. They don't know what she's going to do, they don't know if they can believe her any more, they don't have reassurance that their grandchildren are being cared for by someone who values their emotional and financial stability because this man is a stranger to them.

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  8. BassGuitar

    She's 25. Sorry, but everyone is stupid at 25. Add in the grief she is experiencing and it's no surprise she is making terrible decisions. I feel so badly for those children. I feel badly her for, too. At some point, this will hit her and the regret will be intense.

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  9. Ugh

    If Emily was truly thinking about her children and not only herself, she would not have done this. Her children are so young they sadly will not likely remember their father. Unfortunately, they will remember this guy when this all goes horribly downhill in five years and he bails. So really, they will be losing their dad twice. This dude has absolutely no investment in these children whatsoever. She is just setting her children up for more heartbreak.

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  10. Itsmesucka

    No one said Marty's family was trying to own her "don't get it." They helped her financially, they didn't have stipulations tied to that. It's wrong to lie to your "family" who is still very much in grieving, it's wrong to secretly marry a man that you swore was just a friend, and it's wrong to show up at Marty's parents house with your new husband and a wedding photo to break the news.

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  11. Snarky McSnarkypants

    I'm not going to comment on the quick remarriage, because I haven't been in her shoes (although people have made good points about how this is going to affect her children) but those funeral pictures were awful. There's documenting a funeral, and then there's taking carefully posed glamour portraits of a grieving widow wearing false eyelashes and a "look at my ass" dress and the whole thing is just so, so tasteless.

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  12. Porney LaRue

    I'm certain that this isn't the only way FF has antagonized Martin's family... If Martin were my relative, I wouldn't appreciate her blogging my child passed out on the kitchen floor from pain, being loaded into an ambulance, and "styling" his service as some sort of "freckled-fox funeral fashion" photo shoot.

    Marrying before the grass is green on his grave is just the cherry on her narcissism sundae...

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  13. Whut?

    I recently went through something traumatic (not a spousal death), and my therapist told me that you should wait at least 3 months before making any big decisions and even then you should probably wait another couple of months before pulling the trigger. Your mind is just not right in times of grief and trauma. Within that 3 month time frame I made the rash decision to buy a new car and now I am wondering why I did that because I didn't consider our budget. But at the time a flashy new car seemed like just what I needed to feel better. I second guess a car purchase, I can't even imagine a marriage.

    When I first read her blog post I was floored. Even if she knew him before and initiated contact while Marty was still alive, she should have been cautious and made sure that it was really the right decision. She needed to consider her children, his family and other close ones. Richard may make her feel better now but she needs to work through her grief in other ways than a man for comfort.

    Side note: I have always side eyed her decisions. 5 kids by 25? I am the same age (mormon too) and that baffles me. She seems to make more rash devisions than the average girl with the air of 'it feels right so it must be right'.

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    • flugelhorn

      Right? What I'm about to say isn't the same situation, but bears a few similarities. I knew a couple in my town who had five children very young, and were super gorgeous look-like-they-stepped-out-of-Rivendel hipster couple. She was an ex-ballet dancer, and hit a point where she missed dance, and realized she'd spent the better part of a decade breast feeding, and had almost zero identity left or sense of self. She made all these huge decisions at a young age and it caught up to her eventually. The divorce was really ugly. I felt bad for her ex husband. Not to say having a lot of kids, or any number young, is wrong, but her personality reminds me a lot of FF. I get she thinks she needs a man to survive, and that the kids need a dad, but I hope this doesn't blow up later into an ugly divorce. Death is bad enough without throwing an ugly divorce into the kids' childhood when they're older.

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    • Yogini Ballerini

      This. Not the same level of desperation but one of the tougher things I've had to do - I was living overseas and my partner left me, and I was devastated (the break up was bad enough I ended up with PTSD, let's just leave it there). Everyone back home kept pressing me - what are you going to do? are you going to come back home? - but I'd already made plans, only just moved overseas, had a job, etc. So I told everyone I didn't know what I was going to do and I wasn't going to make a single decision, I was just going to keep going every day until I knew. After a couple of weeks it occurred to me that I didn't have to make any decisions and in fact the easiest course, because I really wasn't in a good place mentally, would actually be to just stay put and complete my original plans as much as possible sans dickhead. (He really was a dickhead.) So just don't!!!

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