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The Freckled Fox Has Already Remarried

Emily Meyers, of Freckled Fox fame, has finally announced her weeks old remarriage. Roughly 90 days after putting her “sweetheart” in the ground, she has decided she is “ready to move forward”.

…I’m ready to share some news that I’ve been keeping to myself for the last little while. I’m ready to introduce you to Richard…When I became engaged to Martin, Richard and I parted ways as friends. We didn’t reconnect until very recently, and things started moving fast between us. We had grown so close all those years ago, and were very much able pick up where we’d left off.

Her late husband’s family seems less than thrilled about the whole thing, with family members who attempt to comment on her instagram allegedly being deleted and blocked. One finally took to facebook to make their side heard in a now deleted post.


Opponents of the rapid remarriage are calling it “gross”, “shady af”, “disrespectful”, and “Just. Nuts.”

  1. MarilynMerlot

    This woman is such an attention wh**e. Her blog post about her husband's funeral was horrific. I imagine she'll be exploiting her kids next to get attention for her "blog" >:(

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  2. creatively creating creations

    I don't know much about this woman - never read her blog or her thread until today.

    I do think it's f**king weird that she posted FIVE portraits of herself on her latest blog post, which is basically just a Big Word Salad trying to justify marrying some guy weeks after her husband died. A quick scan of her blog tells me she is thoroughly enchanted with herself.

    Not sure what to make of all this. I really hesitate to judge her, because I have not walked in her shoes. That said, there's no way around the bad taste that has been left in my mouth by all of this. Did her dying husband want her to IG a picture of her cuddling him on his deathbed? Then there are the bizarre funeral pictures (which, fine, whatever helps you grieve - but she just seems soooo narcissistic, like it's just a photo shoot for her). And of course, the insanely quick remarriage.

    All I can say is wow, I feel for those kids...and for her deceased husband's family. Their anger towards Emily is justified.

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  3. Lainielou

    She can't even be finished all the paperwork from his death, let alone grieving.

    An old friend of mine split from her husband about a month ago after 20+ years together. She's already in a relationship. Jeebus woman, let the sheets cool off!

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  4. meyerzfam

    The YouCaring page has been taken down.

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