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The Generous Husband Will Help You Raise Your Wife

The Generous Husband, wife schooler, would like to help you school your wife. In his post “Helping Her Grow Up” he gives advice on how to inform your woman that she is wrong and needs to change.

He provides helpful hints such as “Is it a bad time of the month? Her hormones really do affect her” and to wait an “hour after a meal or snack” to make sure she’s not hungry. He also warns men to construct a flawless argument against the contrary and stubborn nature of women – “if she can find what she thinks is a flaw with any one of your arguments, she may use that as a way of dismissing everything you have said.” He concludes by basically telling men they shouldn’t bother to use logic because “she likely knows when she is sinning, and yet she is still doing it” – you have to to appeal to her feelings, because that’s all women understand.

At first reading it seems somewhat sensible, which makes it all the more infuriating. Mild misogyny is the most insidious kind because it starts off sounding like it’s trying to bring the sexes together, but really just always ends up with men being the rational, mature sex, and women being the emotional, hormonal sex. I’m not sure how that’s helpful at all.

And frankly if you marry someone you feel the need to help ‘grow up’ then maybe you chose badly. If you want a child to raise then adopt one, don’t marry one.