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The “Iris Awards” Provides New Way For Bloggers To Circle Jerk

This year’s Mom 2.0 Summit introduced the “Iris Awards“. According to their website:

In Greek Mythology, Iris is the messenger of the gods who linked all humanity with the heavens. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld. She is a parent and is associated with communication, messages, and new endeavors.

Because equating mommy bloggers with a Greek goddess isn’t self-important or anything. Oddly, they forgot to mention Iris also “links the gods to humanity” because you know that’s how they see themselves.

Anyway, the nominees were the usual Popular Girls: Finslippy, Mom101, Dooce, Pioneer Woman, The Blogess, etc. There were categories for important award deserving things like “Best Sponsored Content Campaign”, “Best Brand Content Campaign”, and “Game Changer”.

After the awards were handed out to the same prom queens who always win the awards at these things, the self-a-bration continued with video recaps for youtube.

Soooo yeah.Yet another pointless ‘celebration of us’ festival with meaningless self-voted awards carried out by the most group fappingest blogging niche on the internet.