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The Kayla And Checkers Saga Continues

Kayla Brite Accessories Not Included

Kayla, baby producing half of the infamous homeless by choice parents Kayla and Checkers, has been spending the last  year posting to her tumblr about how pointless college is and how society and the Man and bro puff puff give.

I guess after social services takes one of the kids away and won’t return her until you stop living in your car, you take a hint and rent a roof because she and Checkers have also apparently been living in a house and on the dole with her two babies. Everything seemed fine as of Saturday, with Kayla productively bettering herself and her life via desperate Candy Crush requests. Then suddenly on Sunday a bizarre message appeared on tumblr:

They f**king got me.  They made me scared.  They took the light out of my eyes and the fun out of my heart.  They changed the person I was by scaring me into being what I ‘should’ f**king be.  It’s over but I will have to live with this god damn fear the rest of my life.  I f**king hate cops, I f**king hate them.

Since Kayla continued to post vague ‘this will pass’ type self-hugs to her tumblr after the message appeared it is a little hard to figure out what she’s talking about. Her “husband” Checkers seems to have been AWOL for a while in another state so it’s tough to know if he is part of whatever this odd drama is.

Though Kayla still can’t manage to keep her surroundings clean (or even keep bread in the house) at the very least they must be doing fine financially – Kayla seems to have enough extra money to have had new piercings done and apparently mentioned that she had intended to buy Checkers a tablet. So…at least those babies won’t be living in a car again anytime soon, hopefully. But what on earth can that cop drama be about?