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The Paper Mama Would Like You To Pay For Her Surrogate

Chelsey Andrews, of the Paper Mama Andrews, had a horrible medical emergency giving birth in 2009. Because of that, she doesn’t want to risk another pregnancy; but she needs another baby. What to do? Why, do what everyone else does when they want another child –  ask the internet to pay for it, of course!

My husband and I have been wanting to start our journey to surrogacy for a while, but we recently learned our insurance will not cover this. We will have to cover 100% of the costs…

I know for a fact we will have another child. Whether it’s by surrogacy, or adoption, we will have a brother or sister for our kiddo. Both are a ton of money. Goodness. Sooooooo, that brings me to my Go Fund Me. It’s a site dedicated to raising money for people/situations/whatever. I set up a page to begin raising money for surrogacy.

Yes, Chelsey has created a GoFundMe page asking for $55,000 in order to pay for a surrogate to carry her second child. I mean, this is just what you do these days when you can’t afford to get another kid – ask the planet to pony up and fund the expansion of your family, right? Hooray internets!