The Toast Site Closing “is really happening”

After just three years online The Toast has announced they’ll be shutting down July 1st.

In a convo style post announcing the closing Nicole mentioned having to pay costs out of pocket and evidently after talking about the revenue problem she and Mallory asked themselves “would we want to keep running the site as a vanity project?” The answer, she said, was “Probably not!”

Nicole went on to say that further discussion led them to the conclusion that “it had become clear that the bigger issue was not money, really, it was just…not wanting to do it anymore”. Mallory added:

It’s difficult to convey an accurate sense of how much we both love The Toast and everything it’s become and also being ready to stop! Both are true, at the same time. We’d both, I think, started to notice the ways in which we just couldn’t keep up the pace we started three years ago.

Mallory says “ and all related archives will not vanish” and Nicole implored readers “do NOT…start a Save The Toast campaign of any kind” because “We are done.”