Thinking Housewife Says Birth Control Ruins Men

The Thinking Housewife wants men to stop submitting to the matriarchal dogma that allows women a say about the size of the family – because apparently men who are allowed to put as many babies as possible into the world are more manly:

Men who are fathers of several children, especially those who have been openly living the Church’s teaching against contraception, gain a confidence and ease in their masculinity that does not seem equaled by others. These men seem aware of their power…A man who has not denied his masculine procreative power is a man whose virility is evident to the world.

That’s right, folks – if you take advantage of modern options allowing you to control your reproduction, you are emasculating men!

Men in this day and age are rarely encouraged to procreate freely; they are asked to step up to the plate a couple of times and then are sort of put out to pasture, for lack of a better term. Their role as father is never fully realized…it is always held in check, restrained and controlled and eventually severed, whether surgically or otherwise….have men in turn been weakened – and have they become intimidated by the huge but beautiful responsibility of providing for a family – due to the false sense of control contraception gives, and with it the temptation to avoid heavy family and financial burdens?

Oh the poor men who buy into leftist ideals about only having as many children as you desire or can afford! When will men fight back against the evil belief that controlling reproduction and family size is a decision human beings should have a say in? Men, throw away her birth control and refuse to participate in condoms and vasectomies! Stand up for your right to make your virility “evident to the world”! Otherwise, as “Kevin M.” says, “If this nonsense continues, I wouldn’t be surprised if this country broke out in a civil war, considering the extremeties that the Left embraces”