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Tiffany Can Post Whatever She Wants

Tiffany Wilcox, her daughter is popular, is tired of her instagram followers demanding ever more pictures of her popular daughter.


Saying she “didn’t “put” my daughter in the limelight” and claiming she “didn’t ask for any of this, it just happened”, Tiffany – whose feed is about 95% pictures of her chubby baby girl – ended by commenting that she was “simply stating let me post pictures of my daughter on my own terms and stop hounding me”.

  1. Beast? How Dare You.

    You mean she is upset the creepy foreign followers she paid for are begging for more pics?

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  2. Dicktip Hair

    Can babies get Type 2 Diabetes?

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    • Sue (the napkin)

      That baby is adorable, but yes, there is a point where the parents really need to look at the child's diet. That baby at nine months was 24.something pounds, followed by all sorts of breastfeeding hashtags. Yes, breastfed babies weigh more than formula fed babies for a period in their firat year, because you can't ask parents to buy a different formula each month to mimic that growth curve, so they just went with a smoother curve.

      At nine months the 50 percentile breastfed baby is 18 pounds, the 98th percentile is 23 pounds, this baby was over 24 pounds. That is cause for a sit down and chat about diet, and possibly some blood work if diet checks out.

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      • gofundmycat

        This, I got a talking to yesterday at my baby's 4 month appt about how much she's eating since she's getting close to being off the charts. It hurt my feelings but I want what's in the best interest of my child. But I won't let her starve either. Also by 9 months you should have already introduced fruits and veggies if nothing else. While the main source of nutrition is breast milk or formula. Yes babies are really cute with their rolls and chunky thighs but within reason. I wonder how she took getting talked to about her child's weight from the dr b/c I can almost bet good money that happened.

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        • Dicktip Hair

          Wait, is she saying she's still exclusively breast feeding?

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          • yyecats

            Yep... Although I think I may have read a post that said she is starting to introduce food or planning on it soon

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        • suethenapkin

          Gofundmycat, four months is one of those periods where breastfed and formula fed babies differ greatly. Make sure your baby is being measured on the breastfed charts.

          I don't believe that a baby could be as large as this one is and exclusively breastfed at twelve months. She'd have to be latched on night and day! Surely she had solids as well.

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        • suethenapkin

          I went and dug a bit, and she says she was ten months only on breastmilk and then started on BLW, not purees. Given that it's very easy to overfeed purees, and less easy when they're feeding themselves and chewing (because it's slower), I would love to know how often/long that kid nurses.

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          • Dicktip Hair

            That is just bizarre. I wonder if she had gestational diabetes and whether she was a large baby herself. Unless her breast milk is straight butter, there's no way this kid got that huge off of BM.

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  3. Israeli Hand Fart Maestro

    I've seen a lot of chubby babies, but I'm pretty sure having those kind of fat rolls isn't a normal baby thing. Otherwise, she's pretty cute but not as cute as my cat.

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    • Mumspringa Glen

      Eh. My kid looked like that. Just shy of 20 lbs when at 3 months old. All on breastmilk, no baby food or supplementing or anything. Thinned out when started walking and now tall & slender.

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    • Mazel Tov Cocktail MD- Jealous Hater With a Hit List

      But your cat doesn't poop dollars and come with the coupon code URCAT15 for 15% off baby leggings.

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      • Israeli Hand Fart Maestro

        I know. He's seriously got to start earning his keep around here, the lazy furry little bastard.

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    • Hockey Pucks of Despair™

      Yeah, my kids were both 10lbs each and got even bigger breastfeeding, but not that big. Of course they thinned out after weaning but I'm pretty sure the World Health Org says introduce solids at 6 months (it used to be younger than that).

      My sister on the other hand had one that was a sumo like this kid and her paeditrician had to have a come to jesus moment with her and say, "Nope, this kid will have health issues going forward."

      It's just one anecdote but one of her kids is now a poor little obese kid and the other two are fine. This makes me sad because the rest of the family tried desperately to make subtle comments without offending her, and it didn't work.

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  4. Forced Family Fun

    She didn't ask for this and it just happened??

    Wait, so someone has been forcing her to pimp out her child? It's been happening without her knowledge? This woman is beyond 'rediculous'.

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  5. Purple21

    Her line of reasoning is beyond my comprehension:
    "Hmm, on the one hand, a team of international p**ophiles are getting possessive about my daughter; but if I make my Instagram private, I won't get any more of those cute giveaway hairbands and T-shirts."

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    • oh, you

      Hey, knock off Chanel baby grows aren't going to buy themselves!

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  6. I guarantee you, money on the table, that her kid is featured on the Deep Web.

    Some chilling figures:

    All of the web we can see/use without a Tor browser, even the worst stuff you can find with Google, is only 2% of the total web. The rest is the Deep/Dark Web.

    In 2014, University of Portsmouth presented a study showing that 80% of the total searches in the Deep Web were for pictures of children.

    Interviews with CPers have revealed a trove of info, including that many CPers have a certain "look" when they scrape photos off the "clear/clean" web (the internet) - kid alone, looking the camera, in any state of undress. They say its easier to create a better fantasy/narrative if there is no parent/adult in the photo with the kid, and they can more easily make others believe that's their child that they are abusing (helpful when you don't want to be seen as a "leech" - someone who consumes CP but doesn't contribute to the forum).

    Her kid isn't the only one on there by a long shot, but when her feed is dominated by the exact thing CPers want, and they know they can get a steady stream of content from her...well, she shouldn't be surprised that some of the voices clamoring for more pics of her kid aren't there for the nicest of reasons.

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    • so materialistic and unnecessary

      All this is correct, I realise people want to live in a world where this doesn't happen but it does. The more people who figure this out and set profiles to private on social media the better.

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      • Aunt Jemima Do Rag

        You'd think a comment on a naked-in-the-bath video saying "I can't stop watching her little booby flopping up and down" would be enough to demonstrate the unsavoury nature of the following to even the densest of parents, but I guess not.

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        • I am Red

          Holy shit. If someone said that about my child, I would be off the net before the creep had finished typing it!

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        • EbonyStar`

          your user name (AJDR) offends me more than a mommy blogger.

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          • Aunt Jemima Do Rag

            I apologise. The name came from a comment about headbands on babies, and it didn't occur to me that it might be offensive. I'll file that under DUH and change it.

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            • Disinterested Observer

              I changed it. Again, sorry to have caused offence.

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  7. Id read a cat blog

    So... It's ok when the creepy people comment and ogle over pictures of her daughter because she likes the headpats, but it's not ok with the creepy people ask for pictures. Yeah? Got it.

    She is treating her daughter like a doll to dress up and show off for attention. It's really sad.

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  8. Porny LaRue

    Let me get this straight... You post naked pictures of your baby to over 100,000 people... Those people start demanding more, and you think the worst part of that is that they don't appreciate your other posts enough?!?!

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    • Purple21

      I did feel bad for her when nobody raved over the picture of the succulent she grew in her garden. I was so sure Ellen would be calling for an interview and the gardening people would be clamoring for an advertising contract... but it just didn't happen.
      Maybe the Dark Web doesn't have a market for succulents?

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  9. pannonica

    Alright, I have a question for anyone who knows more about babies than me:

    Should babies really be wearing necklaces? That just seems... not right.

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    • Zookeeney

      It's an amber necklace, which releases magical oil that (despite all studies that say it doesn't actually have an effect), will relieve your baby's teething pain.

      Provided your baby doesn't strangle itself first.

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      • Your Tampa is Showing

        Well, if it's strangled by the necklace, it won't have teething pain anymore, right? Great success!

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      • Purple21

        Amber genuinely does have some kind of chemical that has healing properties. In the Middle Ages, if an entire village was wiped out by the plague, the amber merchant would burn amber around his house, and his family would be the only one to survive. The amber has to burn at fairly high temperatures to release the chemical though, so it seems a bit of a drastic way to handle temporary toothache.

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        • smallpox frosting

          Explain the science behind this magical chemical that somehow either prevents the body from succumbing to bacterial infection, or prevents the flea bites altogether.

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          • Purple21

            Sorry, I'm not some mommy blogger shilling amber necklaces as an alternative from vaccines - I'm the feature writer for a jewelry trade magazine. I did a story on amber last year and the nearest I could get to "healing powers" was this story from the 1600s when amber merchants were said to have a freakish immunity to the plague, and the theory was because they burnt it. It's about as scientifically sound as any other medical advice you get from the 16th century.... or anyone selling amber necklaces today! But if you ever go back in time, make friends with the amber merchant just in case!

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        • Tacos for days

          I like the assumption that "amber merchant" was a job that ever existed

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    • pannonica

      edit to add that by "not right", I really mean "not safe".

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  10. markallasread2.0

    Nothing on this planet should matter more to this attention wh**e than the safety of her baby. And the comments on the photos of said baby are terrifying. Who knows what the hell all of those foreign comments read. There is an entire genre of relatively harmless people that use photos of "popular" kids online and they role play around those kids...either pretending that THEY are that child, or that the child is theirs. That is creepy enough in itself, but people who say MY BABY or WE NEED TO SEE HER or GIVE US MORE! she needs to GOMI ASAP. Dear God, common sense, assholes.

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    • oxyshred14

      ....I'm sorry but what? They "role play" with the pictures of random kids on Instagram?

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      • How do I put this...there are entire communities of people who steal kids' photos and then pretend that they are either:

        a. Said child (adult baby fantasy, for either sexual gratification or no)

        b. Parent to the child in the photo (people who want to scam others especially if the baby in the photos has a medical need, and of course people who are straight up delusional)

        c. People who claim to be in a relationship (always romantic, often sexual) with the child. Like, you know a Snapchat where the guy takes a pic of his girlfriend all sexy and the caption is "me and bae going for an early night in *winky face*" - except it's a stolen picture of a 2 year old with just a nappy laying on a crisp white sheet, because of course it is).

        d. Way, way worse stuff that frankly I don't want to type out.

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        • oxyshred14

          I'm not even kidding when I say that makes me feel sick to my stomach...I am so so so so so glad that the photos of my kittens (Facebook,Instagram) are set to private.

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  11. Orangey

    See also: Hampton, Kelle

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  12. Heather Chandler

    Should someone tell her that blocking does no good when her account is public?

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    • This. As long as your account is public you can block all day long but people will just make new accounts and follow/comment crazy shit. If it bothers her for real then she needs to set it private and be done with it.

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  13. Jacquelyn

    How the hell does she have so many followers? I'm confused.

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    • She hashtags the shit out of everything. You'd be surprised how well that works.

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      • Orangey

        Or she buys followers. Almost anyone fishing for sponsorships does it.

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        • Purple21

          Sponsors should also take a step back and say, "We don't want to be associated with a site that seems to be marketing to p**ophiles."

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    • Curate This, Bitch!

      She's perfect material for p**ophiles who are into that kind of kid. She broadcasts what they want, and is an attention wh**e, so they can count on pretty regular postings.

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