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Tiffany Continues To Serve Up Her Daughter To The Internet

Tiffany, the wooooorst, is taking her instagram stage momming to a new level. She posted new special pictures today and Kinsley’s fans went wild.


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This type of thing has been going on for a while with this instagram mom, so I’m not sure what she thought she was doing posting nudes of her daughter. But as she’s said in the past, she will post what she wants.

  1. Suzy Bishop-Shakusky

    And these are not even the worst comments from the last few days.

    She deletes comments that voice concern for her child but keeps ones talking about sexual acts with a child.

    This women needs help and it is long overdue for IG to shut this shit show down!

    • KEB

      Agreed. How is no relative or IRL friend stepping in? Where’s this poor baby’s father? How could you just sit there and watch this happen?

      • MissMorland

        From someone who doesn’t know the history here, is this child’s father around? Grandparents? Aunts and uncles, family friends? Any responsible adult at all?

      • Emily

        Father is around, he has stated on numerous occasions that he thinks his daughter is beautiful and he stands behind his wife 100%. They’re all insane. Where the f**k is DCF? Are there ANY people in this child’s life who aren’t batshit?

        • Greek Chorus

          Agreed. I’m not reactionary to most situations, but the fact that the authorities haven’t been notified nor stepped in to rescue this baby is horrifying to me. These people are cornographers and it scares the f**k out of me to think about what might be happening behind the scenes if they think there isn’t anything wrong with what’s going on there on the public Instagram.

          • GingerGetthePopcorn

            Unfortunately, nothing here is illegal. These pictures don’t violate the statute, at least in my state and people can say whatever disgusting things they want, but they aren’t violating the law.

            IG can remove them since the comments likely violate their terms of service.

            That said, these people are garbage and I hope they get what is coming to them.

            • LaverneandHurling

              Not on the same level AT ALL as I am at least a grown woman, but s gross guy yelled “Smile!” to me once from his car, I turned to face him with my best RBF and he snapped a quick pic and drove off. I doubt he even really got a picture of me, he was in motion so fast. Anyway, this all happened across the street from the police station (I KNOW) so I walked in just to ask about the legality. The cops were pretty sympathetic but told me, not unkindly, “Unfortunately, it’s not against the law to be awful.” Meaning, you can toe the line and still be in the clear. I feel like that’s Tiffany and her super cool followers.

  2. Somar

    This makes me sad and gives me anxiety all at once.

  3. savethebabies

    The part that I hate the most about this evil woman is that even after seeing the viles comments on her page about her baby she continues to offer up images for perverts to get off to. She knows or should reasonable know that someone that is commenting that she should keep the baby naked or put her face down on a bed–on a picture where the ba by’s crotch area is saying peeka a boo–would also use or at the least view her baby’s picture as corn. her page has more than trippled since i first saw her page and most of her followers seem to be more interested in buying her baby than the baby clothes she advertising. she is not innocent nor naiive. she is is evil and doing a wicked act to her child. How can any mother knowingly supply naked images of her child for the pleasure of grown men??

  4. PricklyPete

    Enough is enough. How can she continue to justify this? Why hasn’t Instagram shut it down?

    • peanutella

      I agree, this is sick. Pervs jerking it to images of that poor little girl is disgusting, but what if on of those pervs wants to take it a step further and starts stalking the family in irl or whatever. It wouldn’t be the first time someone becomes obsessed with an “online personality.” I fear for the safety of that poor child.

  5. JIF

    Ugh. This just makes my stomach turn. First, I’d be erasing even the slightest of sexual comments…then rub a few brain cells together and realize I shouldn’t put naked pictures of my children online OF COURSE and take down the post entirely. Apparently, this woman doesn’t have enough brain cells to put that thought together.

    • Severus Snark

      Dude…I would erase MY OWN image if it was getting comments like that. There are people who do sex work for a LIVING that would bring the ban hammer on this shit.

      What is WRONG with her to think this is somehow flattering or necessary? There is literally no situation in which it’s okay for people to want to have sex with your infant, and definitely no situation in which it’s okay for you to offer your child up to them. Period.

      f**k this b****.

  6. tweecronut

    In all seriousness, how is this horrible woman not being prosecuted for child cornography? Are we the only sane people in the world who are seeing this and feeling disgusted by her relentless pimping of her child to p**ophiles? This seems like a new low for her, and it makes me physically ill.

  7. so materialistic and unnecessary

    She is making child cornography for the use of peadophiles – the fbi should be shutting down this s hit show, as it violates international criminal law.

    • JIF

      I double checked the nudity/cornography requirements for IG – and to my surprise it specifically mentions no child nudity. I didn’t expect that for some reason – it seems so prevalent sometimes. But she’s in violation of IG’s own rules not to mention the rules of common sense.
      It just kills me that at times like this – moms like this rail against those wanting to protect their child (Jenna/That Wife has also gotten in an uproar when someone suggests she rethinking posting certain half-nude pictures of her children – “how dare you turn this innocent picture into something dirty?!”) Yes, ladies – – come out swinging against people advocating for more privacy for your children and remain silent on the fact that there are definitely perverts out there who get off on the pictures of young children you happily serve up.

  8. Toast Halo

    Oh my word, how horrifying! Why would you do that to your child? It’s interesting how in one of those comments, it says something about her being face down, and the next pic she posts, it’s of her backside. For real. Disgusting. I had never heard of this woman, and I think there should be something done. It makes me sick in my stomach that she not only posts these pics, but leaves the nasty comments as well.

  9. So Crates Johnson

    Tiffany is a very sad, very ugly, very hungry human being. f**k her, f**k her husband and f**k the perverts Tiffany is trying so hard to feed.

    • NotMyJam2

      Who is noping these comments? Tiffany is that you?!

      • Purple21

        She said “nope, it’s not her” five times. Are you convinced now?

  10. SnarKitty

    I had never heard of this person, but this is the most disturbing shit I’ve seen online in a while. She has no regard for her kid and is pretty much pimping her images out to p**ophiles. Someone needs to get this baby help from her own mom. This woman needs psychological help, she’s clearly sick.

    • Snarknado

      I also don’t know about this vile human.
      So question to those that know her better — has her IG ever been shut down? Photos ever removed?

  11. i love chili dogs

    This is f**king disgusting.

  12. Sleeping Snorlax

    Most of the comments aren’t in English? Wonder how many of those are creepy ones too ._.

    • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

      A lot of them. Trust me, you don’t want to know the translations.

    • Purple21

      An Arabic person commented in English, saying that she was very disturbed by some of the comments she’s reading in her native language.
      How many red flags have to be waved in Tiffany’s face?
      Also – Tiffany is a triplet. So that’s at least two family members who could step up and say something about how she’s treating her baby.

  13. KipDynamite

    She is making money off of the interest in her naked child’s photos. She is scum on earth and should be jailed.