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Tiffany Continues To Serve Up Her Daughter To The Internet

Tiffany, the wooooorst, is taking her instagram stage momming to a new level. She posted new special pictures today and Kinsley’s fans went wild.


Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.25.33 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.26.18 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.26.36 PM

This type of thing has been going on for a while with this instagram mom, so I’m not sure what she thought she was doing posting nudes of her daughter. But as she’s said in the past, she will post what she wants.

  1. error 101

    i honestly felt sick reading the comments. that she's not blocking or removing the sexual comments is as disgusting as posting her child as helplessly as a lamb to slaughter.

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    • This picture:

      has these comments:
      officialnikewomen she opens her mouth for my massive rod.
      mel.deluca she opens her mouth like this only for me
      _urban_styles_ So sexy !
      mido__madridista i will find you my love

      And her mother apparently has no problem with this. But hey companies keep sending her free shit to advertise.

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  2. Snarkastic

    She's dealing in her own child's corn. I'm so sickened.

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  3. Living Absolutely Selfishly and without Self Awareness

    I had visited her instagram a few times after she'd shown up here on GOMI but actually stopped a while ago because it felt wrong and honestly it was getting to the point it was content I didn't want linked to me.

    I was reading thru the comments here thinking, "Surely she did not do what it sounds like she did. No way. No. No one is that stupid or sick." Guess Tiffany is. I don't even know what to say. 🙁 I can't believe a parent would put their child in danger like that. This is a form of sexual abuse IMO.

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    • oh get over yourself Melanie

      yeah she started showing up in my explore tab so I blocked her bc I just... don't want to see her baby corno shots?

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  4. overnight sog

    I don't understand the process. She wants lots of followers so brands will sponsor her and pay her, correct? But who wants to sponsor this? Don't they explore the comments to verify the types of clients they are reaching? And see they are the dregs of the earth?

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    • sittymccoucherson

      I've wondered the same. How does any business not see what they are spending their money on? What brand would want to be associated with this? It's not like the gross comments are hidden. A cursory glance shows most comments in Turkish or Farsi which screams followers that were bought. And I'm sure the account is well known as p**ophile bait. A children's clothing company wants their name associated with THAT?

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      • Disinterested Observer

        I kind of suspect that many of these clothing shops are run by p**ophiles. Maybe Instagram too. I know that sounds all conspiracy theory and everything, but if you think about it, it makes sense.

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        • NotMyJam2

          YES! I mean maybe not all of them but a shit ton of them dress little girls like prosti-tots. It repulsive. I know when I was little I had to wear shorts under my dresses when I playing crazy at recess and now these moms are putting their kids in booty shorts and knitted halter tops!

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  5. Living Absolutely Selfishly and without Self Awareness

    I don't visit her page anymore because it got to the point where it was content I wanted no part of being linked to.

    I can't believe a parent would do this to their child. IMO, this is a form of sexual abuse. That poor baby.

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    • Living Absolutely Selfishly and without Self Awareness

      Sorry, my post didn't show up I thought I had hit cancel and posted again. Doubly disgusted = double posts from me!

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  6. Capri Sun Connoisseur

    I am DISGUSTED this was allowed to happen and I did not even click the link. This horrible Munchausen's by Proxy wench is basically abusing her child.

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    • gotanygrapes

      Funny, Munchausen's by Proxy was exactly what popped into my head, too. Especially because I just read this yesterday. (Decent journalism by Buzzfeed, what?!?!)

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      • crispenclean

        That was a really interesting story, so thanks for the link. However, I don't think what Tiffany is doing fits a diagnosis of Munchausen by proxy. She does not pretend or believe that her baby daughter is sick and try to convince everyone else that she is.

        I think this is some form of narcissism, the same personality disorder that leads mothers to put their toddlers in beauty pageants and sexualize them at a young age for attention—attention that they feel vicariously for themselves, because there is no separation in a narcissistic mother between herself and her child. She perceives them as being the same.

        There is clearly immense denial here that these pictures are being used for bad purposes, and to refuse to acknowledge this, or to protect a child from these purposes seems to me an abuse—abuse of trust, neglect, and knowing peddling a baby for p**os.

        I think it may take some time, but eventually expect Instagram will intervene, and the sponsors will revoke their support. As for the baby, we can only pray she will not suffer actual abuse because of her twisted mother putting her in harm's way.

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        • Diana Jenkins

          I agree, this is not a MBP case. Tiffany is just an Irina Ionesco wannabe except that her photos are mediocre and Kinsley is not a good model (I personally don't think she is a cute child).

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      • gotanygrapes

        I agree with you both. I DO believe that one day there will be an official diagnosis for people who put their children at risk online for the sake of their own fame/fortune. Neuroscience just hasn't caught up with the explode in technology yet.

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  7. The Phantom Redneck

    This woman is like the ultimate stage mom. Even the Kardashian mom waited until her daughter was a legal adult before having her put out corn and nudes. Honey Boo Boo was never butt naked on the internet, at least. This mom clearly has some big plans for this poor kid.

    And really, who would look at an account of thousands of pictures of the same kid, OTHER than family members and perverts???

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  8. Al Dente

    Horrific and disturbing. That poor little girl.

    She's also grossly overweight. I've never seen a child that overweight. Does mum purposely overfeed her for extra attention? Wouldn't be surprised.

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    • Giraffe

      This baby's weight is not normal by any means. Makes you wonder if she even takes her to a doctor and if so you wonder why the doctor is not alarmed. Something more is wrong with that baby medically particularly since her mentally twisted parents do not appear obese so it does not look like this is the norm. Hopefully at some point a grandparent, teacher, doctor, nurse will call DYFS and have these sicko parents investigated.

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  9. la_blagueuse

    The photos of that child are adorable and I do think they're innocent, but in this day and age you just shouldn't post naked (or even semi-naked) photos of your child on the Internet. It's just wrong. And you are a selfish asshole for doing so.
    Some of the lewd comments on that photo made my physically sick.
    Why, as a parent, wouldn't you get the clue that maybe leaving this photo up is NOT such a good idea?

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    • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

      Trust me, there is nothing "innocent" about Tiffany's actions. You'll see some sick bastard request a certain pose then, the very next day
      , Kinsley will be posed and pimped out by her "mother".

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    • JIF

      Yes, I think that's an important distinction that so many moms in this social media age don't understand - - - a picture of your baby daughter sitting naked on the beach is an innocent enough photo FOR YOUR PRIVATE FAMILY ALBUM. There's nothing inherently sexual of a naked baby on the beach, but when perverts are making ACTUAL COMMENTS on it, that's when you realize "Hey, maybe I should keep these photos private. My innocent daughter shouldn't have to be the one keeping the pervs busy all night."

      That's what keeps baffling me - - WHY DOES SHE LEAVE THE GROSS COMMENTS UP? Why doesn't she - AT THE VERY LEAST - delete those comments???

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    • Another Day

      I WOULD think they're innocent pics, except for the fact that she's been posting them for months and, as others have mentioned, deleting the "this is abuse/exploitation" comments and leaving up the "she opens her mouth for my massive rod" ones. (hurl) And keeps posting. If this were the first week she'd been posting, or if she never took any comments down, I might think "Maybe she didn't think about it" or "Maybe she just never reads any of the comments" and be willing to give her a pass. At this point, no. There's nothing innocent about it, except for the baby herself. And with Tiffany in charge, who knows how long that's going to last..

      I would also like to believe that this is all part of something bigger: That Tiffany's secretly working with the FBI/CIA/Interpol/whatever international agency investigates and prosecutes child corn. I'd like to believe that Kinsley (shit, just realized, even her NAME has sexual overtones! I mistyped it as Kinsey) as we see her doesn't actually exist, that she's a CGI manipulation of some sort, that the appropriate agencies are aware and know it's a sting operation.

      I would like to, but I don't.
      It is, however, the only logical reason I can think of for Instagram not shutting this shit down.

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  10. Fuck Toad

    I can't believe she still has the lewd comments up on the seashell picture.

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    • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

      Tiffany only deletes comments that call her out.

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  11. save kinsley

    I've spoken to a small business owner who has sent Kinsley products. She had no idea about the comments and was just as appalled at the sexual comments as we are. All she saw was the follower amount. She also said that she got zero business from her sending her products. It took Tiffany months to post the photos with the product and by that time, the product wasn't even offered in her shop any longer. I agree with the Terms here that we shouldn't comment on posts or interfere, but GOOD for those instagrammers who are calling out her sponsors. They need to know what they are sponsoring - a sick twisted narcissist who is peddling her child the paedophiles for likes.

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  12. none

    This is so f***ing horrifying. Can instagram shut this down?
    (I hope some other blogger does something dumb soon to make the front page because it's heart-wrenching to be reminded of this.)

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    • Snarls Snarkley

      They *can.* I truly don't understand why they *aren't.* There's no way this account hasn't been reported multiple times. Not that I'm saying to do that, of course.

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  13. Witchy No Poo

    On Facebook, too:

    Suman Negi Awwwwwww bright eyes yummy thighs ..... I'm coming baby just wait for me
    Like · Reply · 5 · August 19 at 4:24am

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