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Tiffany Continues To Serve Up Her Daughter To The Internet

Tiffany, the wooooorst, is taking her instagram stage momming to a new level. She posted new special pictures today and Kinsley’s fans went wild.


Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.25.33 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.26.18 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.26.36 PM

This type of thing has been going on for a while with this instagram mom, so I’m not sure what she thought she was doing posting nudes of her daughter. But as she’s said in the past, she will post what she wants.

  1. Lulu125

    A long time ago (in Internet years) I had a MySpace account and would post pics of me and my kids. After moving to Facebook, I basically forgot about the MySpace for a while. One day I remembered my password and logged in to see if privacy settings were still in place. Back then there were counters for all the images showing you how many times each image had been viewed. All of my images had a couple hundred except one. I had a what I thought was innocent pic of my four year old daughter hugging me. Except she was shirtless. That pic had over 2000 views. It made me sick because I knew instantly that pervs got a hold of the picture that I had unthinkingly shared. I deleted every picture and to this day I am so careful of what I put online and I warn my teenagers about what they share too Unfortunately Kinsleys mother isn’t worried about that because there’s money and internet game to be had. Sickening.

  2. TampaSunshine2

    OMG so gross, why does she think this is okay. Reading the comments people are leaving turns my stomach. she needs an intervention.

  3. BitchPudding

    Did someone refer to the baby as sexy? Or the baby’s outfit? Either way, I’m throwing up in my mouth a bit. OK, a lot. If I shared a pic of my kid (if i had one, anyways) on any form of social media, and someone called my kid sexy, I would shut that account down ASAP and rain fiery hell upon the asshole who called my baby sexy. Cute. Pretty. Adorable. Those are acceptable. Calling an infant sexy — yuck!

    • Ghost Bev on a Bike

      But OMG you guys…it’s just a language barrier! Sexy translates at “cute” in Farsi, Portuguese, Swahili, and every other language besides English!

      Great username, BTW! Tried signing up with that when I originally registered but it was already taken. Good pick!

  4. Teenage Kicks

    Has she cleaned up the comments?