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Tiffany Will Use Her Baby To Get On The Ellen Show

Tiffany Wilcox, famethirsty, is ready for her close-up, Ms. DeGeneres. She posted a picture of her “fluffy” naked baby two weeks ago and promptly began creaming herself when the image went viral. She’s now taking every opportunity to fame vampire even more attention from her roly poly offspring.

She’s obviously busy making a big show of telling off anyone who thinks her 99th percentile “mini-me” might want to sign up for Weight Watchers, because everyone knows manufacturing drama over a child will shoot you straight into seats next to Ellen and Joy Behar. Why simply delete and block comments about a picture you publicly posted when you can you make it a big ‘people are being mean to my baby’ campaign?

More predictably, Tiffany The Professional Photographer has begun squealing at brands hoping to make her daughter a spokesmodel, and is tagging people like Mario Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Ludacris, and the Ellen Show over and over and over.


Congrats, Kinsley! You can now join the ranks of the Von Derp children as Mommy’s Little Meal Ticket! (Seriously though, can someone explain to me why all these bloggers and instagrammers are obsessed with getting on Ellen?)

  1. YayHookers

    My friend who has been fighting tooth and nail against cancer has been trying to get on Ellen to talk about rare cancers. This Tiffany b**** better not get on Ellen because she exploited her baby's naked ass.


    PS my friend did recently get a phone call and a shout out from Hoda Kotb and would want me to work in a link to her fundraising page so here.

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  2. Ginfolk

    I don't understand why this would qualify you for the Ellen show. You have to Imagine someone from the team coming across this random image from Instagram User X and it's a naked baby with elephantitis or whatever. AND?? Mama needs to chill the f*** out and enjoy the weird attention for what it is before it's snuffed out by a miniature pincer who can bark Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

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    • KAS

      That's the part I don't get- why would a picture of your naked baby get you on any TV show? It's not like they can air the picture, and if they have you on the show with the baby's clothes on, nobody would recognize her sooooooooooooooooo....

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      • Ginfolk

        So many questions, so little interest (in Tiffany's sprog).

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      • Jan74, Fatopotomus

        Chelsea Handler used to have fat babies on her show, but they were clothed, and only shown for like 10s at the end of the show. She wouldn't actually bring the parents of said fat babies for interviews because that would be too dumb even for E!... home of quality programming such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Botched.

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  3. Stop whoring out your children's naked bodies for fleeting fame.

    Stop whoring out your children's images for money.

    Stop whoring out your children.

    I long for the day that laws protecting children on the internet catch up with laws that had to be put in place to protect children on film and TV sets.

    This woman is the famewh**e descendent of Jackie Coogan and Gypsy Rose Lee's parents.


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  4. jennifer

    I don't understand what Ellen would put her on TV for. For having a cute kid? Isn't that easily half the infants in the US?

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    • Ginfolk

      The conversation would take 30 seconds. "So you took a picture of your baby and it went viral!" "Yes, I did!" "Can we see that picture?" *picture appears on screen with censor blur* *cue laughter* "So when you took that picture, did you know that it would reach millions of people?" "You know, it's a funny story. I didn't." "Well thanks, Tiffany. Maybe we'll see you the next time one of your snaps goes viral. Ladies and gentleman, it's Tiffany." *cue applause*

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  5. Victorian Sex Orgy

    I think it's heartbreaking that Alice, some internet rando, displays more consideration to that child (by censoring the picture) than her own stupid mother.

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    • jennifer

      Half this woman's instagram is butt pictures of her baby - this isn't an isolated image. She has one where she's painted a pumpkin on her butt.

      What's creepy is she seems to encourage reposts of her baby like this!
      Someone made a (poorly done) photoshop with milk shooting out of a bottle into a glass perched on the baby's butt like the recent Kim Kardashian magazine cover (which I know was a remake of another). That's just sick that the Mom encourages this!

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      • smauge

        Wow, it's actually worse than I first thought. Did she only have this baby to get famous? Seriously, this cannot end well. She is practically asking for this poor child to end up on a kiddie corn site. I wanna be around for the reaction to that.

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  6. what_is_written

    In my opinion children and babies deserve some privacy. Period. Because the thing about children and babies is that they are actual humans who grow up to be adults. Let them look back and see that in this social media driven age you respected them as future adults and kept their very personal stuff off the internet.

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  7. Return of the Four Buffet Noodles

    One look through her Insta profile supports the fact that she thinks that her child is the second coming and the cutest baby on earth. Yeah, try arguing that with the other million new mothers this year. Actually try arguing that with every mother ever and see how far you get.

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  8. Mellamma

    As a former chubby baby and fat kid, teen and adult (I've lost about 35 pounds), I would not want a chubby baby because I kept that darn baby fat on.

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    • kazyrugby

      This is not a chubby baby. This is a fat baby. I love cute roly poly babies, but this is above and beyond. I'm not a doctor, and don't pretend to be - but this doesn't seem right. Hopefully I'm completely wrong and this is just a phase.

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      • Amaryllis

        Stop. It.

        This is totally normal for tons of babies. You are not a doctor, you don't know anything about this baby. Stop.

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        • teamconrad

          She is in the 99th percentile. This is literally not normal for tons of babies, as only 1% of babies weight as much or more than her. If the pediatrician told she is a healthy baby, and did so after checking on her, then hopefully it is just a phase and she will lose the extra weight when she grows up. But a baby over the 97th percentile (or under the 3rd) IS something to worry about if the height is not on the same level.

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          • Army of Vaginas

            I had one in the 100th percentile -- as in, he wasn't even ON the chart. But he was also tall and HWP. BUT even at that, he was easily what anyone would call a fat baby. But most babies do thin out once they start walking. By 6 months, he was nearly 30 lbs., but he gained NOTHING between 6 months and 2 years. Literally nothing even though he grew taller. And he's downright skinny today (12 years later).

            As long as this baby is being fed properly, she will most likely thin out as she becomes more active and grows.

            Unfortunately, she'll still have a dumbass mother who thinks nothing of posting her child's nude pictures online for strangers.

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      • Do it Yourself Voodoo Kit

        I like how you qualified that with you're not a doctor. If you're not a doctor, then you should probably just not say anything, huh?

        I'm not an electrician but lemme tell you how to re-wire your house because I read something online about it once.

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        • GodsMonroeInvestmentProperty

          Meh. I was admittedly in the alarmed category, so I sent it to my peditritian friend because i was curious if it actually is normal, and I just dont see enough babies, and her response was: "i highly doubt that baby is being fed only breastmilk." Tiffany needs to GOMI either way.

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        • kazyrugby

          I'm not an electrician - but I can spot f***ed up wiring if I see it.

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      • theMrsSnarks

        Lots of babies ARE on the higher percentile until they become active and mobile. I was one of them. In the 90's for my first two years of life. Then I thinned out and stayed that way. I'm 5'4 and 110 lbs. Four of my five kids were really chubby babes, all are on the smaller size for their age now. They were fat breastfeed babies. They all thinned out. Fat baby does not equal obese adult. If you wanna clutch your pearls, do it over posting naked kids pics on the web, not some nine month old's bmi. Sheesh.

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    • Fart in a Mitten

      There is a double standard though. Both my kids are tiny - in the fifth percentile since they were babies. At one point when my son got to the second percentile - despite eating great and being very healthy - the doctor started to be concerned because they use these numbers to determine health issues. He went for some blood tests and allergy testing, all came back normal. But really, it was responsible of the doctor to say "hey let's make sure this is all normal" because 2nd percentile and 99th percentile can mean something is wrong.

      I don't know why it's considered mean to look at an extreme number and say - um that could be a problem. Those percentages are there for a reason.

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      • Cindy Mackenzie

        Yeah, those numbers are for the doctors to look at, not Internet randos. How would you feel if someone accused you of child abuse because your son was 2nd percentile? I think that's going overboard.

        I realize we randos only know about it because her mom is fame-hungry, but since we know the baby is in the care of a pediatrician, a lot of the "concern" seems OTT.

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      • Jen

        My daughter has a head circumference that is literally off the charts -- beyond 100th percentile. Even though she was clearly developing the normal motor skills and whatnot that was normal for her age (i.e., she didn't seem to be displaying any signs of hydrocephaly or other medical problems), the doctor still sent her for an ultrasound at six months to make sure everything was okay.

        She was fine, she just gets the giant head from my side of the family. She's finally growing into it, but it's still big. As you said, it's the doctor's job to check these things.

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  9. King Tuttles

    The obesity isn't what I'd worry about, the lead poisoning from the kid eating Christmas lights will hurt her first.

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  10. crispenclean

    She probably thinks she has a shot getting on the Ellen show with her baby because Ellen is pretty obsessed with babies and little kids. Just go to youtube and search for clips with Ellen + babies and you'll be surprised how many she has on the show. They are usually precocious in some way, or have a larger-than-life personality, but most of them are discovered through Internet viral videos and photos. Very possible a producer would think a chubby baby warranted a short segment (and of course they would show the photo on the show, too).

    For a parent to share that photo with the whole world and especially flag a TV show is a head-shaker for me.

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  11. King Tuttles

    Said in my Maury voice, Rob is not the father, christian is and he is very proud of the viral baby butt.

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    • Busted Coccyx Club

      Poor baby, saddled with a famewh**e mommy AND a douchey daddy.

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      • markallasread2.0

        I came here to post the same thing....saw his pic, with the caption, and thought "Oh God, that baby doesn't stand a chance"

        FAMOUS BABY BUTT, he says.


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  12. Suzy Bishop-Shakusky

    I just realized, the mom wasn't mad people were sharing her childs NUDE photo all over the internet.
    She was mad because they were not tagging her/giving her "photographer credit"!!!

    And the baby's father is on IG all proud about his daughters BUTT being famous!!

    Sometimes that one way trip to Mars doesn't sound half bad.

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  13. Boofrickinghoo

    Long time lurker, but had to finally register because that photo makes me sooooooo sad and pissed at the mother. This woman and her douche man are repugnant. Absolutely abhorrent.

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