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Tiffany Would Like You To Take A Moment Of Silence

Tiffany Raina, still pimping out her plump baby, is also pimping out a “friends shop”. Despite tragedy upon tragedy the past seven days, Tiffy would like you take a moment of silence…for baby clothes.


Obviously followers informed her that her wording was pretty tone deaf considering the past week’s events. Tiffany responded that “it’s a figure of speech, and you took it way too literal. I’m advertising my friends shop. This has nothing to do with world events. Get over yourself.”

  1. Andrea

    f**k this vapid, self absorbed asshole. How obnoxious can one person be?!

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  2. Hockey Pucks of Despair™

    Yes. Get over yourself. Those gay people, that singer and that toddler have nothing to do with my friend's shop. You took it way too literal [sic].

    It wouldn't actually surprise me if she hadn't actually heard about any of these tragic events because her head is too far up her own ass.

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  3. Maggles

    Jesus, are you f**kING kidding me???

    "Figure of speech" my fat ass. What a c**t.

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  4. fashunisfun

    What a repugnant person on every level

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  5. I'd like to take a moment and talk to Tiffany about how cute it would be to have her go f**k herself* and GFOMI* and stop selling her child* and last shred of dignity for some dolla dolla bills.

    * not a figure of speech, in case Tiffy-poo gets confused whilst trying to read this from her asshole, where her head has been firmly lodged since her first photo went viral.

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  6. dumb like a fox

    This is not a "kimono"? Is it? It's a vest with sleeves? Calling it a traditional Japanese robe does not make it any less tacky. And watching Kinsley wear her "kimono" with a tacky black bikini while foreign pervs make offers about buying her makes it even more tacky. I want to f**kin vomit in Tiffany's bathwater.

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    • Snarky mcsnarkypants

      Eh, I can't actually blame her for that one. This type of thing came out a couple of years ago; she's not the one who named it a "kimono."

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  7. oh get over yourself Melanie

    lol what an ignoramus

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  8. Dr. Kimberly Shaw

    I don't even know WHY someone would use that phrase to express their thoughts something they like? Or think is cool? I'm not sure what she's even meaning?

    Also... it's her signature phrase, apparently. She used it on the "rose gold" (#basicb***h) moccasins.


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    • oh, you

      Considering how she pimps her daughter out, are we sure the 10% off promo isn't 10% less clothing on Kinsley for her next p**o showcase (I mean, IG shoot)?

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    • Another Day

      Seems clear she means 'let's take a moment to appreciate how pretty these ___ are,' and is just too f**king dumb to understand that 'a moment of silence' has a COMPLETELY different context. Sure it's a figure of speech, but it's not the RIGHT figure of speech. What a twit.

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    • oh get over yourself Melanie


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  9. Purple21

    I want to take a moment of silence for that poor doomed baby, destined for a life of obesity and sexual exploitation, starting from several months ago....

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  10. Purplesweetpotatosaremyspiritvegetable

    I'd call her a fame wh**e..except she is whoring her own, consent less baby out. Poor, poor child. I hope there are some other relatives looking out for her :(. Entirely disgusting excuse for a human being. Exploiting a tragedy to wh**e out her own child. smh.......

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  11. So Crates Johnson

    She is the worst. THEEEEEEE. WORSSSSSSSST.

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  12. He's a systems analyst, guyz

    Every asshole these days is saying "get over yourself". It's getting as annoying as "amazing".

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  13. King James Virgin Only

    Just when I thought Tiffany had reached the depths of stupidity...

    Taking a moment of silence is NOT a figure of speech--it means taking an ACTUAL MOMENT OF SILENCE. Which is what people do to show solemn respect in times of tragedy and loss. Not in admiration of some dumb clothes you're pimping out for free shit because you're a shameless fame wh**e!

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    • c@tgrl15

      Isn't her husband in the military? Wouldn't that make her completely aware of the meaning of taking a moments silence?

      Do you think it's possible the police or Feds are monitoring her IG because of all the p**os drooling over her baby? That shit looks like an episode of Catch a Predator in the making. Her husband is obviously an idiot because he lets her pimp their kid like that. The whole thing is vile and disgusting.

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      • Side-ing all the eyes

        Hush, Mommy's little prostiTot is going to get her on Ellen someday!

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