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Tiffany Would Like You To Take A Moment Of Silence

Tiffany Raina, still pimping out her plump baby, is also pimping out a “friends shop”. Despite tragedy upon tragedy the past seven days, Tiffy would like you take a moment of silence…for baby clothes.


Obviously followers informed her that her wording was pretty tone deaf considering the past week’s events. Tiffany responded that “it’s a figure of speech, and you took it way too literal. I’m advertising my friends shop. This has nothing to do with world events. Get over yourself.”

  1. Enoughalready

    It’s a common phrase, yes…but she clearly does not understand what it means.

    • teamconrad

      I would use your username with everything Tiffany says or posts. Enough already. That poor little girl.

    • Snarky mcsnarkypants

      She’s kind of combined “take a moment” and “have a moment of silence.” She’s clearly an idiot.

  2. sundaecake

    looks like she took it down. I hope the friend told her it wasn’t cool.

    • oh, you

      Pretty sure she doesn’t have any actual friends, just desperate boutique sellers who throw her a head bow for an un-attributed #ad.

    • Carefully Curated Collards

      Use a common phrase inappropriately and get called out on it; delete post.
      Sexual molesters make gross and vile comments about your baby daughter; keep up pics and continue posting pictures of said daughter.

      That makes sense.

      • sundaecake

        You are correct. Why anyone wants her as a Brand ambassador is beyond me. I hope these shops take a good hard look at themselves and tiffany raina gtfomi

  3. oh, you

    Side topic: Blushing Belles Co has some of the crappiest “fashion” for kids ever. Who the hell puts pom poms on a baby’s clothes, that’s a choking hazard! And on what planet do you sew a straight band of cloth, gather it slightly at the top with a bit of chinzy elastic, and call that a shirt for a baby?

    This looks like a shop from someone who made one of those pillowcase + two bows dress for their kid, thought “I’M A GODDAMN GENIUS”, and opened an Etsy store.

  4. Snarkastic

    If it was WAS a figure of speech, she’d be using it wrong. Idiot.

  5. KipDynamite

    Such a dumb c**t.

  6. YoLymeDa

    “Let’s take a moment of silence for my affiliate link and all the money I’m making off you.”

  7. Dr. Mindy Lahiri

    “Get over yourself! This is all about ME, not those other people and their actual tragedies!”

    Cognitive dissonance much?

  8. It Happened to Me


  9. Israeli Hand Fart Maestro

    Dear millennials:

    When you declare everything as life or death, don’t be surprised when someone uses a heavy phrase to describe something meaningless.

    An Old Person

    • Israeli Hand Fart Maestro

      Wow, that was the easiest Spot the Millennial game I’ve ever played.

  10. FatJenna

    Whyyyyyyy, WHY are horrible people granted cute kids!?

    • Toothbrush Fence

      You can’t be referring to Tiffany? She is horrible, to be sure, but I don’t see the other part.

      • MirrorballMoon

        I don’t think it helps much when she dresses her baby girl in some awful too-tight clothing choices. Never in a million years would I ever have dressed my daughter in black shoes with laces going up the legs or worse, putting her in ripped jeans and showcasing her belly on countless pictures. Sure, my daughter’s belly was cute, but I didn’t purposely dress her with the intent of having her belly hanging out for everyone to see on the internets. Tiffany is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  11. creatively creating creations

    This mom is a sicko. Not only is she serving her kid up to p**os by intentionally fetishing her child, she is, I believe, over feeding her child to play into the “brand” she has been pigeonholed into. Someday this child will see the hateful memes and comments about her weight, and that’s going to play even more into the image issues her mother is actively creating for her. My heart breaks for this baby.

    • Purple21

      I agree. What will happen when Kinsley is 5 and Tiffany decides that fat 5 year olds don’t do so well at selling clothes? She’s going to completely reverse the nutritional message she’s giving now, so poor Kinsley will be unhealthy and confused, with her self-worth instinctively measured in page clicks.

  12. cece22

    Jeez, she’s f**king awful but I mean, we figured that out when she pimped out her baby girl for creepy p**ophiles on IG

  13. LaBocaGrandeNoWhip

    I unfollowed her as soon as I read that. My city is BROKEN this week. We have been pulling together in a way that is amazing to be a part of. To use that figure of speech right now is crass and tactless but I am not shocked. She is a selfish piece of trash. I feel terrible for her child. She has a terrible chance in life with a pimp for a mother.