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Tiffany Would Like You To Take A Moment Of Silence

Tiffany Raina, still pimping out her plump baby, is also pimping out a “friends shop”. Despite tragedy upon tragedy the past seven days, Tiffy would like you take a moment of silence…for baby clothes.


Obviously followers informed her that her wording was pretty tone deaf considering the past week’s events. Tiffany responded that “it’s a figure of speech, and you took it way too literal. I’m advertising my friends shop. This has nothing to do with world events. Get over yourself.”

  1. Send hemroid cream

    With all of the p**ophiles asking where she lives and if they can purchase Kins, I think posting her real last name on that last post is pretty dangerous. I don’t like where this is headed.

  2. toddler pimpin ain't easy

    If you are wondering, theres now a how to post on ToddlerFiles on how to get started pimping out your kids.