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Tiffany’s Bid For Baby Fame Is Going Well

Tiffany Raina, the ultimate instagram stage mom, didn’t manage to get on the Ellen Show. But her baby pimping gram feed certainly is getting attention.


Her instagram is full of such hypercreepy comments. Just another reason to think twice about creating instagram accounts of your child.

  1. Living Absolutely In The Past

    I'm so glad this bish made it to the front page so that people can see how awful she is and what she's doing to her poor child.

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    • Living Absolutely In The Past

      should have said made it BACK to the front page.

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    • Stacy

      OMG anyone else see the pics of the baby in a skimpy black bikini?!?! *pukes*

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    • YoLymeDa

      How could she not delete it with all that creepiness?

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  2. KipDynamite

    Holy shit.

    There's nothing wrong with sharing photos of your offspring. There's nothing wrong if said photos unexpectedly become viral. There's EVERYTHING wrong with you if your child's photos get this kind of attention... and you continue posting. Sorry, this isn't a "if I give in, they win" type of situation. This is your child, protect it.

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    • swimminginvinegar

      Exactly. One comment vaguely like this one (maybe the creeper was talking about the mom? Who the f**k cares) and she should SHUT IT DOWN.

      She is a terrible person and mother and human.

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  3. selfie abuse

    This has been going on for a long time now and this woman refuses to stop exploiting her child for the pleasure of filthy p**ophiles. I forgot about this blowing up, it was so long ago and it's just gotten worse.

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  4. Ap85

    OMG WTF?!

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    • Ap85

      Also, may I add, this must be the trashiest woman ever. Who dresses their baby up in a black bikini or ripped up, cut off denim shorts?? Tacky.

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  5. Orangey

    This makes my skin crawl. That's your BABY. Your CHILD. Shame on you, woman. Shame the f**k on you.

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    • markallasread2.0

      It is breathtakingly horrifying, isn't it? And I'm not prone to exaggeration. This is appalling, that comment, on that photo, will haunt me the rest of the day. Maybe longer. How that kind of "fandom" doesn't inspire you to delete, or at the VERY least, lock it down, is beyond me. But then she won't get free clothes for her

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      • snarkletooth

        The worst thing I have ever read on GOMI. Stomach churning.

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  6. selfie abuse

    She deletes comments that call her out for pimping her child and *leaves up the p**o comments*. She even deleted her *own* comment telling them to stop because.....she clearly doesn't want them to stop.

    This is child abuse, period.

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    • highfive

      What the f**k??? Why wouldn't you IMMEDIATELY delete a comment like that and then freak the f**k out? I would be locking down all my accounts and upping my home security system if my kid a comment like that online.

      I don't know much about this woman but I am terrified for her daughter.

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  7. So Crates Johnson

    This c**t has been InstaPimping her baby since birth, but it seems like the sexualized pictures have become more frequent as her audience of bought p**ophiles, I mean, followers, has grown.

    She deletes comments that call her out, but leaves up the awful sexual comments. At first, I thought maybe she just wasn't aware; some of her pictures get hundreds and hundreds of comments and I'm sure it's hard to keep up with notifications. But the thing is, people have pointed out specific comments to her and she still hasn't bothered to delete them.

    It seems like she's blocking people who disagree with her, but what's the point when her Instagram account is f**king public?

    I don't understand how any of her sponsors want to be affiliated with this account. I'd be mortified if I were a photographer and one of my photos was being used in this way. Then again, I'd never do a sexualized/sensual mommy/baby photoshoot, so....

    This poor baby girl. There are so many creepy f**kers trolling her mom's account, and mom is happy to oblige their requests for pictures of her daughter. f**k this b***h.

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  8. Vivian Snarkbloom

    When your Instagram becomes p**ogram, NOPE the f**k outta there and delete your account.

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  9. Another Day

    Is it too much to hope for that she might actually be working with some sort of international task force to identify and take down these... people? That maybe there's no actual child, it's just a combination of a doll and CGI or f**king Claymation or something?

    Please? I really want to believe my version.

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  10. The Mr. Beaumont

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    • The Mr. Beaumont

      trying it again.....


      Note: Comment edited by PP to fix image

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      • The Mr. Beaumont

        Bleh. I suck!!

        But this is seriously cray! I genuinely can't believe any parent would just be fine with those kind of gross comments!

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      • The Mr. Beaumont

        Thanks PP!!

        *high five*

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  11. A Touch of the Boleyns

    I can't even snark on this, its too f**king depressing and disgusting.

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    • Carefully Curated Collards

      It turns the stomach. I was curious and Google Translated some of the comments and wanted to cry. This woman needs mental help.

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      • Apeeling Attire

        I did cry. This is so beyond horrible.

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    • what_is_written

      Same here. 🙁 Ugh, this is just too much for me today.

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  12. Methuselah Honeysuckle

    A cursory look at her insta shows the baby in suuuper tight clothing, shots of just crotch and legs and butt, and that is just from the last...week or so? I get wanting to post pictures of your cute baby, but the closeups of various body parts and the seriously uncomfortable looking clothing are making me wonder WHY. It's just gross and exploitative.

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    • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

      Yeah, the depersonalisation going on there is so f**king sketchy.

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  13. So Crates Johnson

    Yup. There was a Spanish comment on one of the baby's photos (also a closeup of her butt) that said, "naughty girl! I want to spank that ass."

    Maybe this is some Chris Hansen "To Catch a Predator" shit.

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    • Herr Bangtown

      What the actual f**k.

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    • oh get over yourself Melanie

      I translated a couple of the comments that aren't in English and for every two innocent comments there was something like "I want to rub you with oil" or "sweet juicy ass" like even if this is a language barrier thing how can you not be creeped out?????

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