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Tiffany’s Bid For Baby Fame Is Going Well

Tiffany Raina, the ultimate instagram stage mom, didn’t manage to get on the Ellen Show. But her baby pimping gram feed certainly is getting attention.


Her instagram is full of such hypercreepy comments. Just another reason to think twice about creating instagram accounts of your child.

  1. GodsMonroeInvestmentProperty

    Ten seconds on “Kinsley’s” account makes me ill. I hope she is reporting those people. Those go beyond the normal scope of comments into something really dark and really gross.
    Is the mom young? She looks barely 18…maybe she doesn’t have any adults in her life to stand up for her, either, just like this poor baby…

    • So Crates Johnson

      Hahahaha! Ha. Ha. f**kING HA.

      Are you really concerned with Tiffany? And whether or not she, a CONSENTING ADULT, “doesn’t have any adults in her life to stand up for her, either?”

      Sweet baby jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt. Get the f**k out of here.

      The only victim in this is the INFANT she is knowingly and willingly pimping. There is no f**king excuse for this. None.

      • GodsMonroeInvestmentProperty

        Not standing up for her, genuinely asking. Only know of this situation from the front page. The baby is being exploited by this “mother,” no doubt. Cool your jets, bro.

        • So Crates Johnson

          So why, exactly, does Tiffany need someone to stand up for her?

          Maybe you meant that someone needs to stand up to her.

          • GodsMonroeInvestmentProperty

            In the time I could stomach being on the baby’s page, I thought the picture Tiffany put up of Tiffany looked like a teenager and I wondered if maybe she didn’t have any (decent, logical) adults in her life to tell her this is so wrong on so many levels. I was hoping it was more a case of Tiffany not grasping the reality of the situation, and not a case of Tiffany ignoring the reality of the situation for personal gain. But…it definitely seems from these posts that she knows what she’s doing and doesn’t care. Which is sad and disgusting and wrong.

            • Purple21

              I’m thinking along similar lines – there must be a history of abuse and a highly dysfunctional family if Tiffany thinks this is how to get attention.

            • eileen

              why would you need someone to tell you that comments like “i will eat your ass” and “me behind you” on pictures of your ONE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER are not okay?! natural instinct should be to freak the f**k out and delete the account immediately.

              • So Crates Johnson

                Word. I don’t care how young or stupid Tiffany is. I don’t care if she’s suffered abuse in her past.

                Nothing excuses the fact that she is victimizing her own daughter.

                That kind of apologist bullshit drives me crazy.

  2. LaBocaGrandeNoWhip

    It is about time this Wenchy Trash Heap of a mother made the front page. Being insta famous won’t prove a god damn thing in the long run. In 10 years when Your kid is seeing three therapists a week because of Your terrible choices, I hope You aren’t aurprised!

  3. theMrsSnarks

    I feel like this would’ve been Courtney Stodden’s mom if they had had instagram back then…

  4. oh get over yourself Melanie

    This woman’s behaviour is appalling. Like can you even call her a mother? She certainly doesn’t have her child’s best interests in mind if she refuses to change her ways even after receiving numerous comments from weirdos all over the world who want to f**k her baby. Like. The number of comments from people who want to f**k your baby it should take to make you rethink your actions is one. ONE. One person say they want to f**k your baby and that’s when you delete the whole thing.

  5. crispenclean

    So can someone explain that comment that’s highlighted? The deleted part actually refers to actually doing something to the baby?

    • So Crates Johnson

      I can’t help you if you don’t understand what’s wrong with the comment PP highlighted.

    • Meats of Evil

      I assume you’re asking about those boxes? I saw the original comment and they were heart-eyed emojis.

      • crispenclean

        Yes, thanks. I was asking about the boxes. I was quite well aware of what was grossly inappropriate about the rest of the comment. I was also creeped out by the comment by the poster asking if he could be her father. The whole thing is a disaster. I think we are all concerned about the future welfare of the baby.

  6. Mothers who wh**e out their kids deserve a special spot in hell.

  7. happygal

    Ugh. When her daughter (who am I kidding she already is on) ends up on a not so sweet website she is going to scream about how her daughter has been objectified.

    Also can someone please explain to me the “Does this shirt make my moms ass look big” shirt?

    • Purple21

      First she sexualizes the child, then she gets jealous of the attention the child is receiving, so she has to ensure everybody remembers she’s a sexual object too.

      Another example is from a few days ago, when the comments got really sexual, and other commenters complained; Tiffany’s response was to pose breastfeeding in milk bath draped in lace.

      • Pirate baby with scurvy

        I saw the picture but didn’t read the comments and figured mom was feeling left out. I’m not against breastfeeding pics but hers are so sexual.

  8. Billsburg

    Is there a father in the picture? If so, what is wrong with him that he thinks this is ok?

    • Fresyes

      Yep, there is a dad. He’s in the Navy and is in a few of her pictures. Guess he doesn’t care either.

  9. Porney Larue

    Something tells me that if this baby won most downloaded/viewed/popular infant at the p**o Oscars, Tiffany would show up to collect the prize…

  10. SnarkyCat

    How does Instagram allow this?

  11. LG

    I’m a parent and is why my IG is private. Because the mom seems to court or at least not actively fight this kind of attention, she could be some kind of creep as well. Some children are exploited IRL with the knowledge of their parents. Breaks my heart and I worry for the child if her mom is actively dating (?) or the dad thinks this is totally fine too.

    • Irisheyes

      THIS. My IG is locked down, and if you want to follow me, I have to approve it. There’s not a single stranger looking at my kids on my IG. My four year old isn’t going to be on some p**o’s computer.

      • theMrsSnarks

        Exactly. I’m more vigilant about my insta followers than answering my own damn door. I have to personally know you WELL before I accept.

  12. Israeli Hand Fart Maestro

    Seriously, can’t this be reported to Instagram? This is disgusting and it takes a LOT to disgust me.

  13. Walmart Sweatpants

    One commenter is asking how much to buy the baby. (In Turkish. User Schrodinger….something or other)