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Tiffany’s Bid For Baby Fame Is Going Well

Tiffany Raina, the ultimate instagram stage mom, didn’t manage to get on the Ellen Show. But her baby pimping gram feed certainly is getting attention.


Her instagram is full of such hypercreepy comments. Just another reason to think twice about creating instagram accounts of your child.

  1. Canadian Bacon

    Seriously is there not some way that this is illegal? Maybe I’m being naive or just hopeful, but can some kind of authorities force her to stop? and WTF is wrong with the father that he’s allowing this? That recent comment about being “behind her on the bed and loving her legs”….oh my God…it’s heartbreaking.

    • TweedleDumb

      That’s what I was thinking, how is this not illegal? Why are there not laws in place to protect these children?? Where’s the media coverage of this shit? It’s horrifying.

  2. SmartieNess

    This breaks my heart and makes me sick. Unbelievable.

  3. snorglepuss

    This makes me want to throw up. 🙁

  4. YayHookers

    I needed a shower just from looking at the comments up above.

    I see that she isn’t deleting the “nice tits” comments on her breastfeeding photos.

  5. Snarkastic

    This is clearly purposeful. No one accidentally overlooks that many perverted comments. She either prefers fame to protecting her child or, in some bizarre and misguided way, enjoys that her daughter is receiving p**ophiliac attention.
    I rarely get up in arms over anything on the internet, but this story has actually made me anxious. I am so annoyed that she has not taken these images down yet! How can she treat her own daughter this way? I suppose she’d be one of those people in Biblical times who sold their daughter into slavery when times were tight.

    • Purple21

      I dread to think what Tiffany will do when times are tight – right now, she seems to have a man by her side who has a job and she’s doing this for baby clothes. The kid’s definitely not going hungry. What happens if she’s short of money? How far can she fall?

    • Not Eating Added Sugar

      A man in my area was just arrested for taking young daughters for payment from a family this weekend! He had 12 girls in his house because he helped the parents keep their farm. So there is still a market for that, apparently.
      This is really awful. I feel so sorry for this kid. There needs to be some kind of law protecting kids from this stuff.

  6. K

    I had sent her a few things from my Etsy shop in exchange for promotion a few months ago before things started getting creepy. Now I’m kinda glad she never promoted me since I have pictures of my kids on my instagram and I don’t need that kind of publicity of creepy people following me.

    • Thankyoujake

      Honestly I was wondering why most of the sellers were sending her clothing for this kind of attention. But this was shared in an etsy seller boss group, and they just didn’t know. Her followers are foreign or p**ophiles (some both). Neither will be buying from etsy.

  7. Illiterate but can braid good

    I hope someday Kinsley sues her mother for all the money she made exploiting Kinsley + interest + money for pain and suffering.

    I don’t think I could ever forgive someone for doing to me, what Kinsley’s own mother is doing to her. Horrible.


      But she’s not even making much money, right? Kinsley’s damages are going to be paid in shitty, too small clothing from random etsy shops.

  8. potatohead

    Oh my god, no no no no no no no no nonononononono.

    First of all, I can’t believe she keeps up this IG account as public when she’s getting comments like that. I used to have a public IG because I was a moron. I got exactly one comment from a burner corn site on a photo of my daughter (who is a tween) and it was like, NOPE. Lock that shit down everywhere.

    Second, please tell me someone(s) in the FBI are tracking these sick f**ks.

  9. Living Absolutely Selfishly and without Self Awareness

    This is so sad. That poor baby.

    I had visited her IG before when she first got mentioned but now it feels like it’s a site I should NEVER visit or I’m going to be dinged as some sicko and lose my job. Like its changed over from a regular mommy blogger pimping out her kid for likes and free onesies (which is gross in its own way) to a full out catalog for disgusting p**os. Ugh.

    • oh get over yourself Melanie

      Yeah I am like thisclose to just blocking her so I never have to see her poor exploited child pop up in my explore tab/see these repulsive comments again

      • Justsayno

        Even if you block her, she’s constantly shared (and Tiffany wants to make sure you tag her) so you will be forced to watch the p**o train wreck. The only way to get away from her is to get off your internet completely.

  10. badbadllama

    Wow. I can’t even snark on this, it’s just horrible. Poor little girl.

    This is why my IG is set to private since having my daughter. I mean, not that I post pictures of her in crop tops and too-tight shorts anyway (BECAUSE SHE’S MY CHILD WHO I PROTECT FFS) but still.

  11. Wait... What?

    Oh god, I need a shower and a memory eraser.

  12. Meh or Feh

    Beyond the creepiness of the comments, if I had an IG or blog or whatever, and 99% of the comments were not in English, I’d think I was doing something wrong. Is it just me? I mean, wouldn’t you review the comments and, even before translating them, ask yourself, “I wonder why they’re all in Arabic and Turkish, and how come there are so few in English?”

    • Creepy foreigner

      I can see how everyone’s creeped out by this (I am), but come on. Us foreing people use the internet very much the same way you do.
      It’s pretty depressing to see that some people see it as a misfortune.

  13. Back Yard Chicken

    Ok… about to go make a separate private account to move my daughter’s pictures. I keep a public profile because I use it as a weight loss support group but of course I also posts personal pics sometimes. I have never received a creepy comment but I’m not waiting until I do and have to hunt someone down. I mean I always knew there was a chance but actually seeing it for the first time…I’ve been dumb