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Tiffany’s Bid For Baby Fame Is Going Well

Tiffany Raina, the ultimate instagram stage mom, didn’t manage to get on the Ellen Show. But her baby pimping gram feed certainly is getting attention.


Her instagram is full of such hypercreepy comments. Just another reason to think twice about creating instagram accounts of your child.

  1. cheesecakeisaverygoodlie

    Brb, just gonna go pour all the bleach in my eyes…

    • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

      Pass the bottle when you’re done.

  2. tweecronut

    Holy crap. If I, a complete stranger, am sitting here feeling sick to my stomach at the way these creeps are talking about someone else’s child, how is it possible that her own damn mother apparently couldn’t care less about protecting her from that? I can’t fathom it.

  3. AnotherSurvivor

    It’s like looking in a time-distorted mirror, seriously – if I’d been born 20 years later, this could be me, my mother was of the same style.


    She got off on this sort of things, anyone showing inappropriate interest in me or my sister, vicariously living through us. She took it as a compliment TO HER when assholes were being creepy to us. Visibly got off to the idea a certain teacher might have had a thing for me (not the case, fortunately), and very very happy when a somewhat creepy dancing instructor kept obviously manipulating the figures so I would end up with him.

    The only times she ever complimented my appearance was in relation to how some kind of guy would find it attractive, too, otherwise she would love to point out our similarities and then relate stories of how she was bullied for these exact characteristics.

    This was all about her personal gratification. She exposed us to abuse and then swapped stories with at least me when I was still far underage about her own abuse, her mother’s abuse and my sister’s abuse giddy like a schoolgirl talking about a boy she likes.
    She would go on about how the tree of life-dances my best friend and I performed were “so much more erotic than all that bullshit on tv” … we were like, six and four?
    And once we got old enough to bring guys home, you could bet your ass she would find an excuse to get naked in that guys presence, or make lewd comments to them, or some shit, because boundaries, what boundaries?

    (Another “fun” story: My sister is 14 years older than me. When she came back from one of her more nasty experiences at 16, she afterwards refused to change my diaper because she “didn’t want to touch me wrong” – an understandable reaction, I believe. Mommy dearest didn’t give a f**k – or maybe actually got off on that, too, I’d instantly believe it – and forced her to do it anyway, would fit her MO)

    Tiffany isn’t “letting” p**os turn her daughter into a sex object. She’s a doing it herself, either deliberately or stepping up her game once she noticed the effects. To her, her daughter’s attractiveness is her own attractiveness, any sexual attention her daughter is getting is by right hers, because her child is an extension of herself, and she’s probably doing worse to her kid off-camera.

    • So Crates Johnson

      I’m sorry for all you and your sister were put through. Sending huge, hammy hugs to you.